Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Week in Review...for the Last Time

Monday: Sub at CCCS Finish laundry

Tuesday: Sub Pick up my prescription at Wally-World
Pick up Husband's prescriptions at Rite Aid

Wednesday: Sub Pack for Maysville Leave for Maysville

Thursday: Eats lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. and hopefully mac and cheese! Nap :)

Friday: Return home Talk Husband into helping catch up cleaning

Yeah, you read right. This whole scheduling thing just doesn't jive with me. I know I'm disappointing all...maybe 1 of you, but if you're that heart-broken, I can direct you to some blogs that are way better than me. But way to go out on a high note, right?!?!

We had a pretty great Turkey Day. We hung around the house the whole time, ate a lot, watched a lot of football (and cried over results...OK not me--no for real!, but Husband was totally heart-broken last night), and slept. We generally avoided any shopping center this weekend. Husband has this week off, so we're going to venture out during the day. You know, when other people go to those...what are they called...oh yeah, JOBS (suckers). We've got a Lowe's gift card from credit card rewards points that will go towards some random stuff and either blinds for the breakfast nook or shelving for the garage. I'm really hopeful Lowe's has the blinds I want (i.e. size I need) in stock.
They're a great deal for the size we need. We're also in need of a new grill cover (our old one's drawstring broke and it flew away in a storm), a few more strings of Christmas lights, and maybe an outside Christmas decoration or two, plus a few householdy things. Maybe I can hold out a few more weeks and we'll end up with some Lowe's gift cards and we can get those things on sale. But probably not. I'm not so good at the waiting thing.

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