Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Week in Review

It's that time again. I get to review what I haven't accomplished and any readers I actually have get bored to tears and then shake their heads at my ineptitude. :)

Monday: Finish laundry from the weekend

Tuesday: Dentist appointment
Call about a posted job (I sent a resume last week. This posting is 2 weeks old though) Left a message. We'll see.
Call to be put on Jessamine County's sub list

Wednesday: Windex

Thursday: Bathrooms

Friday: Laundry (I'm making this one orange because I did the towels, but haven't gotten to the sheets yet. See this week's goals)

Not terrible. Much less red...but then I had fewer goals this go around. I did manage to add picking up a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding I'm in in December. It was actually supposed to be done last week, but I COMPLETELY forgot. It's home though and fits like a glove with just enough wiggle room for turkey Thursday (and leftovers Friday!).

On to this week:
Monday: Sub at CCCS! This was planned during my interim during the flu-demic.
Finish laundry (why is this a recurring theme?)

Tuesday: Sub
Pick up my prescription at Wally-World
Pick up Husband's prescriptions at Rite Aid

Wednesday: Sub (half day and Church Ladies cooking lunch day!)
Pack for Maysville
Maybe leave for Maysville (this is still being debated, but we'll probably end up go ahead and going in)

Thursday: Eats lots of turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. and hopefully mac and cheese!
Nap :)

Friday: Return home
Talk Husband into helping catch up cleaning :) *Ordinarily, I wouldn't worry about it since I subscribe to the "If it ain't dirty, don't clean it" theory of house cleaning. However, well, you've seen my reds. I haven't been keeping the "schedule," like, at all.

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