Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kid Quote of the Day

C: Mrs. B., is it true that doctors will cut a woman's stomach to get a baby out?
Mrs. B.: Sometimes they have to, yes.
K (thoroughly disgusted): Well, that's not this game!

Photo from Wikipedia

Saturday, September 26, 2009

There's Nothing Better Than...

...chili on rainy, cool Saturdays...folding a fitted sheet so that it actually looks rectangular (do NOT ask me how I did it. I have no idea and will never be able to do it again)...having an offense that scores points (War Eagle!)...snuggling with my husband and napping on the couch.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week (not -end) Update

I have so totally fallen down on the whole "Cleaning Challenge" the icon on the right suggests. I just haven't fallen into my rhythm of getting home/picking up and cleaning/not laying down for a nap. I've undertaken a huge project at school, which keeps me relatively late and by the time I trek across the county, I'm pretty worn out and ready to veg. This weekend is grocery weekend though, so I'm hoping while Husband is taking care of that, I can get things cleaned (I may even get CRAZY and decorate for Fall...not quite Halloween yet though) and be on track to start up Monday.
We've otherwise had a pretty low-key week. We ate most of our meals at home to make up for all the eating out we did last week...our checking account thanks us this week. Husband's potential promotion finally posted, so he got all his info in for that. Cross your fingers. He's got a ton of people putting in good words for him with solid examples of how he can fulfill what they're looking for. All my students were pretty good this week. The kindergartners crack me up though. They came in for Library today and since everything has gotten rearranged (my big project), they were pretty excited. One little girl even said, "It's so pretty!" There's no end to their funny quotes ("Do you have a son?" "No." "Well, do you have a hunny?") so I'll stop there. Fall Break is in sight!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

No, the Football Score or Why I'll Never Forget the Levays' Anniversary

I'm terrible at remembering anniversaries. Just ask my parents! I usually (sometimes) remember the day of, which is too late to get a card in the mail. At our closing, our realtor asked us when our anniversary was, which I quickly responded, "June 21!" Then he asked what year. "Uhhh...2000....8?" Husband won't let me live that one down! But the Levays' will always be special. Mostly because of the adventure Husband and I had while we were there.
First of all, we were flying on Sept. 11. I'll admit I was nervous, but I also decided if there is any time of year security will be beefed up, that's it.
Then, our flight from Charlotte (yeah, we flew Lexington to Charlotte to Seattle. And airlines wonder why they're hemorrhaging money) was late, which meant we missed the last ferry to Whidbey Island. Since we had no idea what accommodations would be near the ferry dock, and since we planned on being ON the island that night anyway, we had to spend the night in our rental mini-van. While certainly roomier than a car would have been, it was not much more comfortable. It wasn't the WORST night of sleep I've ever had, but Husband begs to differ. Needless to say, we were easily in line for the first ferry of the morning.
We finally make it to our motel and crash. We told the Levays beforehand our tight schedule, so we weren't expected to do anything until the afternoon anyway. We somehow woke up relatively early (at least for Pacific time) and after showering off travel and long night crud, we went next door for breakfast and then to get a few snacks from the grocery across the street. We settle in for a little Game Day and Husband looks up some scores.
We finally rallied enough to head over the hall to see how we can be useful. Long story short, R's parents wanted to adopt me, partly for being useful, but mostly because we talked college football.
On Saturday, just like this year, Auburn played Mississippi State. I remember that because when Husband told me the score, I said, "No, the football score...not soccer." Yeah, it was the football score: 3-2. War eagle? At time of post, Auburn has scored touchdowns twice (the offense, not the defense). WAR EAGLE! Later that day R and M got hitched!
Sunday's trip home was relatively uneventful, save more delays in Charlotte (that city hates us), but nothing that involved another night not in a bed.
So, a day early, happy first anniversary Levays!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why We're Waiting to Have Kids Moment of the Day

Tonight we went out for dinner at a Chinese buffet. There was a family leaving. Mom and Grandma had the cutest little blond-headed girl, maybe 2 or 3, by each hand. She kept stopping saying, "Come on Papa." They'd have to walk back to the table, reassure her that he's coming, but the same thing happened again. Finally they started dragging her, as she wouldn't walk at all! We got a kick out of it and the mom looked at us embarrassed, so I told her at least she wasn't kicking and screaming. Her mom then replied to give her time. Yeah. We'll be waiting awhile for that :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When in Doubt, Call Dad

Happy 09/09/09! Not quite sure what the big deal about 9s is (unlike 06/06/06 for bad luck or 07/07/07 for good), except apparently in China and Japan. Either way, it's pretty fun. I wonder if people at the turn of the century did the same thing.
Anyway, 09/09/09 must be some form of luck because our builder made it out to the house to put a new dryer vent cover on...wait...new implies there was an OLD one. Our builder came out to put A dryer vent cover on as well as a "retaining wall" around the vent. "Huh?" you may be asking. Here's what happened. We did a few loads of laundry shortly after we moved. We noticed the dryer collected a lot of condensation around the knobs, but figured that was because we had to door to the utility room closed. I tried a few more loads a few weeks later and the dryer took FOR-EVER to dry. It heated up, but the water wouldn't go anywhere. That was weird. We begin researching potential problems and they all ended with "call a service tech." Since the dryer heated up, we really didn't think that was the problem. So we did what any responsible homeowner would do--we called Dad. Actually, my parents were planning to come up over Labor Day anyway, so Dad just said to hold off on more laundry (oh twist my arm!) and he'd check it out. We decided there was some kind of vent issue so Husband and I did a little more investigating. We never really decided where our dryer vent led. We had the pipe inside, but didn't see it on the outside. One night, Husband and his brother moved our dryer. They poured at least a coke bottle's worth of water out of the connecting tube. "Hmmm," we said. On Saturday, our curiosity got the better of us, so we took our coffee across the street to a model we had looked at that is still unoccupied. We walked around that house searching high and low for what was different about our house. Finally we found it on the last wall. Between the breakfast nook windows and the electric meter was a hole dug out, with a little retaining wall keeping the area around a dryer vent cover open. "We don't have that!" we said. We then crossed the street where they just laid the slab for our floor plan as well. Sure enough, there was a pipe that went from the utility room, under the slab, and ended right outside. They covered our vent over with dirt! Duh that our dryer became a steam washer; the water had nowhere to go! My dad and Husband dug out around the pipe so that I could do the desperately needing done laundry and our builder received a very calm, but very pointed phone call Tuesday to come fix it. It has been done so I don't need to pull a Dooce (which is good. I'd hate to lose all 3 of my readers! I love y'all). We are still very excited about our house; we just hate that through all of our walk-throughs and inspections, no one caught this. Hopefully that's all though!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why We're Waiting to Have Kids Moment of the Day

Husband: Too bad we didn't buy the house next to that ravine. We could totally use that to scare our kids. You know, tell them to behave or the monster that lives there will come eat them. That's where you chime in in agreement.

Me: Oh. I thought that was where I was lying in wait with a monster mask on and come running out growling.

Parenting through fear. Thanks Cousin G!