Monday, October 27, 2008


It's rerun week on TV, so I had a little time to update. Our October has been crazy. There's 4 days of it left and we're booked through then! We went down to Franklin to visit my parents, who are Vanderbilt football season ticket holders. Dad bought the tickets specifically for the Auburn game. At the time, it was a good purchase. In retrospect, neither team has done much since except stink! We had a great time at Game Day and wandering the campus, though. The next weekend, my parents came to Lexington for their first visit to Keeneland. We picked the hottest weekend of the whole month, but had a great time nonetheless. We took them out for Pazzo's, too. Always a good choice.
The NEXT weekend was Adam's 10 year high school reunion (he's SO OLD) in Maysville. We went up there and showed off wedding pictures to his parents and grandparents and visited with his high school friends. It makes me glad I've still got a few years before I have to think about that! We did at least manage to make it through another trip there without getting interrigated about when they're getting grandkids. Thanks Ryan, for not having a girlfriend!
Those were the "busy weekends."
On our first "off" weekend, the young adults at church decided to go on one of Lexington's ghost tours of downtown this last weekend. Adam and I have gone on two in past years, so we had heard a lot of the stories. When we hit our alma mater, we threw in a few bonus stories to our group (such as the Phi Mu president of 1961). We hit the 'Ho afterward for milkshakes, even though I'm not quite sure why because it was FREEZING outside. We plan on going downtown with everyone again this weekend, for the re-enactment of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. I went in college, but Adam hasn't seen it. It's become a big deal, so I'm excited. We've also got some shopping plans for Saturday. I could quote "Old School," but I'll spare y'all :)
We wrap up our plans with another trip to Franklin for the Vandy/Florida game, and this time I'll proudly don the black and gold. And cheer against Florida, even though it goes against everything my mother taught me. This is football though. I think she'll understand!

P.S. I think most people who were worried have already been reassured, but just in case--yes, Adam's job is safe. We don't know where the buy-out will lead, but there will always be a need for his position. We just hope it continues to be needed in Lexington! The economy hasn't affected his job too much, other than extra hours on the phone reassuring people and trying to figure out what to tell the brokers to tell their clients and a few policy changes. Pray that it stays that way!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm not quite sure why no other media article hasn't made the following connection: Supposedly Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again. Other reports say no. The affirmative reports say Jamie Lynn didn't know you could get pregnant while breastfeeding. BRITNEY SAID THE SAME THING! How was she not listening to that? Oh right, she was barely in middle school then. They don't listen to anything. Still...

P.S. Why are people not more surprised Franklin got fired? Props to Tuberville for not sticking it out like he tends to. I don't have high hopes for the rest of the season, but this is a start.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Excitement and disappointment

We had a pretty exciting weekend. We drove down to Nashville and visited my parents, who are Vanderbilt season-ticket holders. They bought those tickets specifically for the Auburn game, not knowing how good Vandy would actually be. We bought into the hype and got up reasonably early (though not busting down the doors at 7 AM) and headed over to ESPN's broadcast of GameDay. Once we got parked, getting to the location was an adventure in itself. The only reason we found it was that we got there right aroudn the time Lee Corso was picking teams. We heard what we thought were cheers. Either there were that many Auburn fans, or they were actually boos. Either way, Lee Corso...not my favorite person. We hung around while they taped a segment to air at half-time (you might see my arm) and then wandered around as the guys signed autographs for the volunteers and the crew tore down the set. We went searching for water, while greeting other fans with a hearty "War Eagle!" I knew the Tiger Walk would be taking place at some point and begged (ok, not really BEGGED, but politely asked) to see it. We found out it would be around 2:30 and figured out where it would be. We hung out in the shade for an hour and then scouted out spots. It was amazing! I know why other SEC teams ripped off our idea. It's pretty awesome standing with all the other fans, cheering and chanting. My parents both high-fived Tommy, while I tried to snap a picture. That was hard since I couldn't see who was coming, so he was in front of me before I realized what was happening! Either way, it brought me back to my days as a UNA Bleacher Creature and we did the same thing as the players lined up to take the field. We grabbed a quick lunch/bathroom break and headed back to the stadium to get our seats. The first quarter was awesome, even though our view was pretty bad with all the tail-gaters still streaming into our section. We were in the middle of the Auburn section, except for a few obnoxious Vandy fans. After the first quarter though, we unraveled. We gave the game away in penalties (81 YARDS) and deserved to lose. Disappointing, yes. Made worse by the fact that Alabama won (though barely) against UK. It's not all a wash though. I'm glad that Vandy is having a great season. It's their time. We're heading back down next month as Vandy fans for the Florida game. I'll gladly wear black and gold that time.
After the game, we headed back to Franklin and stopped for dinner at Famous Dave's. A Vandy couple sat in the booth behind us and as they left, I told them good game. They graciouly reciprocated and wished us a safe trip. This is also why I love Nashville. In all of our wandering around campus, a Vandy official (he was wearing a neck badge) welcomed us. That doesn't happen everywhere down here, and I'm glad some people haven't lost their Southern hospitality. WAR EAGLE!