Monday, December 28, 2009

To Tide You Over

Expect a little longer of a post later since I've got a small project going on (involving 4 walls and a whole lot of paint!). We've been busy decorating the house (with an almost firmed up list of what to buy with our $8K tax refund....which is in addition to our usual $1K+ refund (intrest-free government loan is a post in and of itself; I won't get into that now), so I'll have lots of projects to finally get up here. However, tax time is still painfully far away. Luckily something great has happened in the past week (other than talking Husband into painting the bedroom). In case you've been living in a hole with no contact with the outside world, a) why in the world are you reading this, b) Christmas came and went! So begins the requisite Christmas post:This year was my parents' turn to have us for Christmas. We rotate the actual day between our two families, finding a weekend sometime in December to celebrate with the other family. We were very fortunate this rotation came around this year, with Christmas falling on a Friday. This allowed Husband the maximum time off without actually taking time off...which he wouldn't have gotten anyway since his boss already had the week off. Anyway, my grandmother and sister each flew in as well, so my parents had a house full! The cats were super excited. Even Oliver (the latest kitty addition) came around and was sociable...until someone got up and came towards him. Then he took off like a flash. We ate way too much, watched a lot of Christmas movies, napped, and wandered around Opryland Hotel (we actually tried going to the mall, but the lines to get IN to the PARKING LOT were ridiculous, so we went with Plan B). We're home for a few days and then it's off to N'awlins for the Sugar Bowl (Go Bearcats!).

Our Christmas tree

Our Christmas card display

My parents' tree
Husband: "It's like Christmas came and threw up in the floor."

It's Charlie's bath time

Mom, Grandma, and Sister in the aftermath

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are They Thinking?

While browsing around the internets this morning, I came across this little beauty of a story. Short version: 50 million Roman and roll-up shades are being recalled because kids are getting tangled in the cords. Now, I'm all about child safety and all that junk, but at some point should one teach their kids NOT TO PUT THINGS AROUND THEIR NECKS? Isn't that, like, taught in "Being a 2 year old 101?" And we wonder why children today can't do anything for themselves.

I also found this while browsing around for Christmas stuff last night. I know when I think Christmas, the first Bible story that comes to mind is Noah and the ark. Complete with animals wearing Santa hats and a elephant with a clown nose (?). And we wonder why children today are screwed up in general. Fun tidbit on the ark Christmas inflatable: a house on our way to church has it. We were coming home one time and this yard has about a zillion of the inflatables anyway, but a new one caught my eye. Someone took a trip to Lowe's. And not to get paint, a grill cover, and mat for the back door.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Christmas EVERRRRRRR!!!

We had a great first Christmas weekend. Nice visit with Husband's family. Mawmaw cooked a great dinner (as always). No real gift exchange as money is tight all around. Totally OK with us; obviously that's not what Christmas is about anyway. We enjoyed eating and watching UK basketball trounce Indiana and what is left of the college football season (tear :( ).
Tonight is the real story though. Husband gave me a Christmas present early. The greatest gift ever. He gave me permission to paint our bedroom!!!! Since I definitely won't be working in another week for 2 weeks, I've got some time. I've certainly got the will. Help me sell him on this:

It's actually the same color, just two different finishes (one flat, one semi-gloss). I think it will look very sophisticated. He's not sold on it. If you see him or talk to him, tell him it's a great idea and will look sharp, especially against these beauties:

These are an early Christmas present from my parents. They're actually from Wal-Mart's Canopy furniture line and I love them! Everyone on The Nest raves about the line, so I figured we'd try something small. I had to assemble them, but they're SOLID wood. You'd never believe they came from Wal-Mart. We're planning on finishing out our bedroom with things from that same line (and some new bedding from Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Time Out

Wow! I knew the holidays were a busy time for everyone, but sheesh! We had our annual realization about mid-October of what needed to be crammed in until the end of the year, but failed to consider just how packed that would be.
The blitz all started with a trip to Nashville mid-November for the UK/Vandy game. My parents didn't get season tickets this year and luckily Vandy wasn't any good, so buying was no problem. Oh and UK won, so that was good.

Thanksgiving was spent in Maysville. Pretty much same old-same old. Ate way too much, watched a lot of football, and slept. Luckily, Husband had the day after off so we got to enjoy the turkey and naps. Husband then had the whole next week off, too! Except that I got crazy sick. I had symptoms of about 3 different illnesses and finally went to the dr. mid week and got a Z-Pack. I'm much better!

This past weekend, Husband's parents came to town with their Jeep so we could get a big enough tree to not be dwarfed in our living room. We had a nice little visit with them, complete with UK beating UNC in basketball (which is apparently a big deal) and Cincinnati beating Pitt in football!

Our activities don't stop there! Hold on to your hats. This week we plan on decorating said tree (while watching Christmas specials and maybe even with a fire in the fireplace) and picking up one of our Christmas presents, which was delivered to our local Wal-Mart (and our furnishing of the house begins!).

Then, we're heading back to Maysville for Christmas with Husband's family (although no one's really exchanging gifts this year, but Mawmaw's cooking, so it's all the same thing).

Next weekend, my best friend since first grade (that's been almost 20 years y'all...Holy crap I just realized how old that makes me!) is getting married in Flo-town, so we're off to Alabama for the weekend! I've got a short to-do list there, such as eating Ricatoni's (who, luckily, is catering the rehearsal dinner! Score!), and hopefully church. I love that church so much at Christmastime. It's even more beautiful than normal.

The next weekend in Christmas and we'll be in Nashville again. My sister and grandma are both flying in, so we'll have a full house!

Are you worn out yet? Hope not, since the busiest part is coming! With Cincy's win (remember I mentioned that?), they won the Big East Conference and automatic bid to a BCS game. Whoop-dee-do, right? That's not SEC, so who cares? Well, my dad just happens to be a UC alum, so HE cares! This is probably Cincy's only chance at a BCS game, so we're pretty excited. Therefore, as soon as Husband is off work on New Year's Eve, we will once again be heading to Nashville and will get up bright and early New Year's Day to head to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl!!!! Ball game Friday, return to Nashville, return home Sunday so husband can be back at work Monday. We pretty much plan on seeing UC get slaughtered (they play Florida), but it will still be fun times! If only Texas had shanked their field goal another foot or two to the left, my parents would be headed to Pasadena for the NATIONAL TITLE (but we probably wouldn't have gotten to go, so I'm OK with Sugar)! OOOOOOOOOH C-A-T-S (bear)CATS (bear)CATS (bear) CATS!