Wednesday, February 4, 2009

XP from FB

Bonus points if you can figure out what the acronyms stand for! Anyway, I post this on FB and then came up with a few other fun facts, so I thought I'd put it all up.

1) I have the greatest parents in the whole world. I knew they were good when I was younger and people would tell me so, too. I didn't really understand what they meant until I was older. I only hope I can be half as supportive to my kids.
2) I think my husband's pretty amazing. If for no other reason than he handles our finances. He tries to make me involved and I try to listen, but usually I just nod and smile.
3) My grandparents have a pretty amazing story.
4) I have spent at least a couple of days every summer at my family's cabin in Canada since I was born. Except one. I don't really like to talk about why.
5) I probably should have gone to Auburn, but I'm happy with the choice I made, because it led me here.
6) I have only been through one tornado, which is odd since Alabama gets a ton. It really did sound like a freight train.
7) I'm relatively introverted. If you know me, you might disagree. But I don't really talk unless I have something to say.
8) It broke my heart when my parents moved, but I think that makes "going home" even more special.
9) I want to be a mother one day, but the thought of having children (being responsible for them all day every day) terrifies me.
10) I would love the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, but only until the my youngest was in school. Then I would at least volunteer.
11) After the misery of my first year of teaching, I could be persuaded to do that for a long time.
12) I don't believe in regrets. Life is about making mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
13) I would rather be cold than hot because you can always add layers. However, summer is my favorite season.
14) Christmas is my favorite holiday.
15) When I was little, I loved getting presents. However, I also would practically explode with excitement waiting for other people to open their presents. Maybe that explains #14.
16) I'm spoiled rotten (see #1). I realize this and am at peace with it. However, I also think I'm incredibly grounded.
17) I often read way too much into things.
18) I wish I were more creative. Ideas always look better in my head than they do in real life.
19) I want to travel the world. My goal is to visit the 50 states by the time I'm 50. I've gotten a good head start. I also want to fill up a passport book. I was close until I got married, changed my name, and have a new one (if the application ever gets off the kitchen table).
20) When I'm at my parents' house, I sometimes eat ice cream for breakfast. But only when Dad hasn't made pancakes.
21) If I could drink nothing else for the rest of my life, I could totally live on sweet tea. Especially McDonald's.
22) I'm a complete pack rat, but every once in a while I'll get a wild hair and get rid of everything. I think I made good decisions because I don't miss anything I got rid of.
23) I am looking forward to buying a house for no other reason than I can paint the walls. This excites me because I actually love painting and because I'm so sick of off-white walls, it's not even funny.
24) I don't have a very good body image. I'm not completely sure why.
25) When I make a good friend, we tend to stay friends. We may lose touch for awhile, but I still call up my best friend from 1st grade when I realize we haven't talked recently.

26) I have to eat small candies (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.) in even numbers so I can chew on both sides. Anything I have to eat with a fork is not subject to that rule.
27) I can never be inducted into a sport's hall of fame. Not because I have no athletic ability, but because I was on HGH. I had a legal, medical prescription though.
28) When I was born, doctors diagnosed me with a...whatever-plasia dwarfism. Then they decided they were wrong. Then they sent me to all kinds of specialists when I was in middle school. Then they decided I was just short.
29) I don't really put much stock into doctors' opinions.
30) When I was little, I was convinced monsters were not only under my bed, but they would reach out and grab my feet and pull me under there and eat me, so I took running leaps into my bed. I still don't let my feet dangle off the side.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Reasons #487-490 I want to buy a house

#487: Neighbors. I am so sick of sharing walls. My "must have" list for a house is short: 3 bed/2 bath, 2-car garage (learned after the latest ice storm) and single family. The wish list is what will get us, but those are seriously my 2 major requirements. NO CONDOS OR TOWNHOMES!! Last night, Husband called in a noise complaint. It was 11:30 and our neighbor had his bass up so loud, my jewelry box and things in the bathroom RATTLED. We may have been able to put up with it if it was at all earlier or the first time it's been that loud. It has become routine to hear his music or movie or TV or whatever the HECK it is at least once a week. Normally it isn't as loud as last night, but still hearable.

#488: Water heater. I timed my shower tonight: 5 minutes. In my college days, when I didn't have a water bill, that was unheard of. When I had my own apartment (and a water bill), I cut it down to a solid 7. I'm barely able to do what needs doing in 5. Why am I taking crazy short showers? Because our water heater sucks. We've called maintenance and they came to look at it. He basically said it gets hot, so what's my problem? We probably just have a smaller heater than we're used to. The problem with his diagnosis is that he checked the downstairs kitchen faucet. Yeah, because that would have the same output. And I never said it didn't GET hot. The problem is it doesn't STAY hot. When I'm taking a 5 minute shower, the knob should not get turned AS FAR AS IT WILL GO. As in the scalding setting. Nope, warm, but not hot. And heaven forbid I want to take my time shaving, because it will be COLD by the end.

#489: James. He's one of our leasing agents and a total Phi Tau (for you non-Transy folk that means tool). I called the office last fall because a family of birds had taken residence on our dryer vent inside our porch. I asked if someone could please come clean it up and get rid of them before they really began nesting. It didn't get done. So in the spring, when there were baby birds, I tried again and it didn't get done. I got a reason: They won't take out a nest if the birds are still there. Fair enough. Don't like it, but I'll deal. So a month later, I notice the birds come and go, but the babies are out. This is when I begin my hate-hate relationship with James. He assures me it will get done. Normally, maintenance is pretty quick about coming out, so 3 days later, when it wasn't done, I go back and ask AGAIN. I think maybe the birds happen to be there, so maintenance skips it. But, the birds will keep coming back if they have somewhere to come back to. But what do I know. He says no problem. STILL not done. Husband is beyond livid by this point as the bird poop has over-run our otherwise nice porch. He went ahead and knocked down the nest. He calls the office, speaks to James and in no uncertain terms says the porch will be cleaned by the end of the day or the health department will be called. I get home and the porch has been left a little to be desired, but I no loger worry about what diseases I'll catch just by walking outside. Granted, this rant is partly on the others in the office, but I have never had pleasent encounters with him. Plus he was incredibly Phi Tau-ristic to Husband this evening when he went to follow-up on our noise complaint.

#490: PAINT! I am so excited to not have off-white walls it's ridiculous!