Wednesday, February 4, 2009

XP from FB

Bonus points if you can figure out what the acronyms stand for! Anyway, I post this on FB and then came up with a few other fun facts, so I thought I'd put it all up.

1) I have the greatest parents in the whole world. I knew they were good when I was younger and people would tell me so, too. I didn't really understand what they meant until I was older. I only hope I can be half as supportive to my kids.
2) I think my husband's pretty amazing. If for no other reason than he handles our finances. He tries to make me involved and I try to listen, but usually I just nod and smile.
3) My grandparents have a pretty amazing story.
4) I have spent at least a couple of days every summer at my family's cabin in Canada since I was born. Except one. I don't really like to talk about why.
5) I probably should have gone to Auburn, but I'm happy with the choice I made, because it led me here.
6) I have only been through one tornado, which is odd since Alabama gets a ton. It really did sound like a freight train.
7) I'm relatively introverted. If you know me, you might disagree. But I don't really talk unless I have something to say.
8) It broke my heart when my parents moved, but I think that makes "going home" even more special.
9) I want to be a mother one day, but the thought of having children (being responsible for them all day every day) terrifies me.
10) I would love the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, but only until the my youngest was in school. Then I would at least volunteer.
11) After the misery of my first year of teaching, I could be persuaded to do that for a long time.
12) I don't believe in regrets. Life is about making mistakes. Learn from them and move on.
13) I would rather be cold than hot because you can always add layers. However, summer is my favorite season.
14) Christmas is my favorite holiday.
15) When I was little, I loved getting presents. However, I also would practically explode with excitement waiting for other people to open their presents. Maybe that explains #14.
16) I'm spoiled rotten (see #1). I realize this and am at peace with it. However, I also think I'm incredibly grounded.
17) I often read way too much into things.
18) I wish I were more creative. Ideas always look better in my head than they do in real life.
19) I want to travel the world. My goal is to visit the 50 states by the time I'm 50. I've gotten a good head start. I also want to fill up a passport book. I was close until I got married, changed my name, and have a new one (if the application ever gets off the kitchen table).
20) When I'm at my parents' house, I sometimes eat ice cream for breakfast. But only when Dad hasn't made pancakes.
21) If I could drink nothing else for the rest of my life, I could totally live on sweet tea. Especially McDonald's.
22) I'm a complete pack rat, but every once in a while I'll get a wild hair and get rid of everything. I think I made good decisions because I don't miss anything I got rid of.
23) I am looking forward to buying a house for no other reason than I can paint the walls. This excites me because I actually love painting and because I'm so sick of off-white walls, it's not even funny.
24) I don't have a very good body image. I'm not completely sure why.
25) When I make a good friend, we tend to stay friends. We may lose touch for awhile, but I still call up my best friend from 1st grade when I realize we haven't talked recently.

26) I have to eat small candies (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.) in even numbers so I can chew on both sides. Anything I have to eat with a fork is not subject to that rule.
27) I can never be inducted into a sport's hall of fame. Not because I have no athletic ability, but because I was on HGH. I had a legal, medical prescription though.
28) When I was born, doctors diagnosed me with a...whatever-plasia dwarfism. Then they decided they were wrong. Then they sent me to all kinds of specialists when I was in middle school. Then they decided I was just short.
29) I don't really put much stock into doctors' opinions.
30) When I was little, I was convinced monsters were not only under my bed, but they would reach out and grab my feet and pull me under there and eat me, so I took running leaps into my bed. I still don't let my feet dangle off the side.

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  1. I don't dangle my feet off of the bed either, but it has more to do with being scarred by the movie Pet Semetary when I was a kid.