Sunday, May 29, 2011


The office remains a work in progress. The good news is it's very close to being done. The bad news is that means it's totally torn apart and there's not a whole lot to show for our efforts (which then results in another long hiatus from the blog). Part of the delay was waiting for the weather and my schedule to clear up long enough to work on the second drawer unit. It finally got done:

I also found some new curtains (which you can just see behind the futon) on clearance at Lowe's. They're blackout curtains which is great since the window is the last one that needs blinds. The only part I dislike is that I had to cover up some great details around the window, but the room gets direct sunlight for most of the afternoon and I didn't want the stuff I have sitting on top of the ledge across from the window getting any more faded.

Inside the drawer. Since this photo, we have gotten a third box for our files. I also hope to get a couple of magazine holders and store Adam's collection in here.

In other news, I've also been working on a couple of yard projects.

I planted some hosta and spread around some new dirt in the new flower bed. Bugs have eaten some of the leaves, but I can never catch any in the act to see what it is so I can use a proper repellant. Hopefully they don't actually do too much damage. I also hope to get some impatiens in the ground before too long.

In trying to bring color to the yard, I went out and bought these two planters from Wal-Mart and finally got some plants to put in them. I've got a day lilly in the turquoise and I think a butterfly bush...I forget what the tag called it, but it looks like a butterfly bush in the yellow.

I still need to spread the leveling sand and set the edger stones around the bed and spread dirt around the irises that decided to bloom (and are now all dying...just the blooms though...Shouldn't be concerned, right?). I'd love to plant a few more flowers and maybe add a wind chime or some other fun things and the back yard will be almost complete!

I've finished a few projects, yet somehow a thousand more have been added to my list. How does that work?