Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Non-Resolution Challenge: Week...3?

I've fallen off the wagon. Not only have I fallen, but I've broken my leg and can't move! OK, it's not really that bad. That's the nice part about not having an official resolution :) I have a zillion excuses for why I've been less than faithful with meeting my goals. But they all boil down to me being lazy. I had a ton of meetings last week for some reason. On non-meeting days I stayed at school later than I meant to, prepping and chatting. Either way, late days = tired me = lazy me = things don't get done. And I thought Algebra would never be useful in real life! My weekend was no better: I chaperoned a youth lock-in with our kids and kids from another church. We had a blast, but the other church's kids had it in their heads that they were NOT sleeping. Which means chaperons don't sleep. I caught up Saturday afternoon, but that evening was a girls' night, which put me behind again. Luckily, I've had the past 2 days off because of snow and ice (I'm not quite sure why we were out Monday, but I'll take it). Tomorrow looks just as bad. So hopefully between now and later, my leg will heal and I'll be back on my feet.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it me...

or does he look like he's wearing a Cat in the Hat hat?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computers and Kids

My classroom's computer hasn't been working for probably at least 2 months, probably closer to 3. The computer teacher looked at it when it first died and said it was probably the graphics card as several of the computer lab computers were doing the same thing. She said she had some on order and would let me know when they came in. I finally asked when we came back from Christmas Break and she said she'd just give me one of the computers from the pre-school. When the switch happened yesterday, my old computer suddenly started working. We have no idea why or how, but it does. Well, since I hadn't used the computer in so long, my password was no longer valid, so I had to get the church's tech guy (aka student pastor) to reset it today. When my kids came back from Specials, the computer was on and working and they freaked out! They had JUST come from Computer and you would have thought they had never seen a computer in their lives! They all stood around it looking at it. LITERALLY! I didn't let them get on it when it was functional, so I don't know why they went so crazy. They've decided that I'm going to let them play games on it now. Been there, done that last year and I think unless more than one student can play at a time, it's more trouble than it's worth. If we have that kind of time or if they need to do some research, I take them into the lab. My kids are crazy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clean, clean, clean

As tax season rapidly approaches, we decided to clean the office to get all of our receipts in order. We pay our bills bi-monthly and then stack, along with bank statements, and other "probably important papers" on top of our file cabinet to sort as we have time. We sort, file, shred, and say "do we need to keep this?". Well, our sorting project then turned into clean the office in general--which included going through our book collection and putting what we could bear to part with in our massive Goodwill pile. Naturally, that lead to cleaning the closet...which lead to cleaning the coat closet. Don't be surprised if we suddenly give away all of our possessions and go live somewhere remote without internet...maybe not quite.
Either way, we've decided that moving in the summer will NOT be at the top of our list of favorite things. Last year, we combined two households, so we had 2 of everything. This year, we've gotten married and generally accumulated "stuff." I hope that we can begin to really, truly look at what we have and be able to say "That can go." We don't have THAT much storage in our apartment (as our stemware collection knows), but we both have large collections of memorabilia at our parents' houses that are waiting for us to have a permanent residence. My parents, bless their hearts, moved all of my junk with them. During one visit I sorted through most of it, stored high school stuff and Phi Mu stuff. My parents have since redecorated "my" room and put the surviving stuff in containers ready to move when we have room.
Where did all of this junk come from? What did I think I'd do with it? I plan on making my Goodwill run sometime this week. As soon as I return, I'm sure I'll clean out some other rooms, completely re-stuffing the container. One thing is for sure: we'll need a big kitchen!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Non-Resolution Challenge: Days 2-4

I'm almost a full week in to my first week of the non-resolution. So far so good too! I've really kept up with the cleaning schedule. I think the longest was vacuuming, which took all of 10 minutes. Being active...well, I've played Wii Fit everyday. While that's nothing to sneeze at, I haven't always participated in the most effective activities. One day I concentrated on balance games, since I'm HORRIBLE at those. I highly doubt that will actually burn my calories, but I managed to reach 2 stars on most of them!
Other than that, nothing much to report...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Non-Resolution Challenge: Day 1

I made a promise to myself that, in lieu of actual New Years resolutions, I would take the things people typically resolve and make 1-week goals for myself. I want to start cleaning the apartment on a regular basis and made out a schedule, so I don't have to set aside 3-4 hours to clean it when I can no longer stand how filthy it is. I want to do something physically active every day, whether it's play the Wii Fit (on the Strength Training Challenges, the trainer is a pansy BTW), go for a walk, or actually go all the way to the apartment's gym. I want to cook (really cook, no microwave pizzas) at home more as it's cheaper and healthier. I decided that the first day back to school would be the good starting point.
When I got home, I dusted the office, living room, and bedroom. I played Wii Fit for 40 min. Then I relaxed until Husband got home when I went to shower while he studied. I cooked a dinner of Kilbasa, biscuits, and leftover corn casserole. We also made plans for what to eat the rest of the week. We got very excited about the prospect of eating at home every night for a week, since we also cooked Sunday night. We decided if we did it, we'd celebrate Saturday evening with Moe's!
I feel pretty good on Day 1 of Week 1. Not overflowing with energy, but I don't feel like I'm about to fall asleep either. I'm going to hit the wall about Wednesday or Thursday though. At least with the cleaning and "working out." I'll keep y'all posted.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! New Year, new blog post, not so much new resolutions. 2008 was pretty exciting, what with that whole "getting married" thing. 2009 has 2 more weddings that I'm in (as a bridesmaid, not a bride) as well as hopefully (i.e. planning on) buying a house. We have been paying down debt to where by March we will have very little, if any, credit card debt and no car payments (aren't you proud, Dad?). That leaves Husband with student loans, but those won't go anywhere for awhile. We both have solid green marks on our credit histories, so while we probably won't be able to afford our "dream" house, we should get a good deal on a house we can grow into.
I've enjoyed being off for 2 weeks. I'm not DREADING going back like I was last year, but I wouldn't pass up a snow day, should we get one like last year! I've had several totally lazy days where I stayed in my jammies and laid on the couch. I've had productive days where I cleaned the whole apartment. I've had semi-productive days where I did a mixture of errands and lazy. I've even done some of my school-work!
We're also a VERY happy household. UK won their bowl game, the third bowl victory in a row. That's a first in UK history; not even when Bear Bryant coached UK did they achieve that! I think Lexington might explode if UK goes a fourth time...of nuclear proportions should they win. They might start setting sights on a BCS bowl. Utah won their bowl game as well, being the ONLY undefeated team...yet not in the title game...Hmmm...However, I have my thoughts on Bama's season to begin with, but I'll keep those to myself to avoid online fights with any fans that may be, but probably aren't, reading. Games that that, games like the USC/Penn St. (even though it was Big 10), add more fuel to the ever burning playoff fire. The system as it is will produce a good game, as long as Oklahoma shows up (they're notorious for NOT). Here's to a short spring and summer!