Monday, January 5, 2009

Non-Resolution Challenge: Day 1

I made a promise to myself that, in lieu of actual New Years resolutions, I would take the things people typically resolve and make 1-week goals for myself. I want to start cleaning the apartment on a regular basis and made out a schedule, so I don't have to set aside 3-4 hours to clean it when I can no longer stand how filthy it is. I want to do something physically active every day, whether it's play the Wii Fit (on the Strength Training Challenges, the trainer is a pansy BTW), go for a walk, or actually go all the way to the apartment's gym. I want to cook (really cook, no microwave pizzas) at home more as it's cheaper and healthier. I decided that the first day back to school would be the good starting point.
When I got home, I dusted the office, living room, and bedroom. I played Wii Fit for 40 min. Then I relaxed until Husband got home when I went to shower while he studied. I cooked a dinner of Kilbasa, biscuits, and leftover corn casserole. We also made plans for what to eat the rest of the week. We got very excited about the prospect of eating at home every night for a week, since we also cooked Sunday night. We decided if we did it, we'd celebrate Saturday evening with Moe's!
I feel pretty good on Day 1 of Week 1. Not overflowing with energy, but I don't feel like I'm about to fall asleep either. I'm going to hit the wall about Wednesday or Thursday though. At least with the cleaning and "working out." I'll keep y'all posted.

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