Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Non-Resolution Challenge: Week...3?

I've fallen off the wagon. Not only have I fallen, but I've broken my leg and can't move! OK, it's not really that bad. That's the nice part about not having an official resolution :) I have a zillion excuses for why I've been less than faithful with meeting my goals. But they all boil down to me being lazy. I had a ton of meetings last week for some reason. On non-meeting days I stayed at school later than I meant to, prepping and chatting. Either way, late days = tired me = lazy me = things don't get done. And I thought Algebra would never be useful in real life! My weekend was no better: I chaperoned a youth lock-in with our kids and kids from another church. We had a blast, but the other church's kids had it in their heads that they were NOT sleeping. Which means chaperons don't sleep. I caught up Saturday afternoon, but that evening was a girls' night, which put me behind again. Luckily, I've had the past 2 days off because of snow and ice (I'm not quite sure why we were out Monday, but I'll take it). Tomorrow looks just as bad. So hopefully between now and later, my leg will heal and I'll be back on my feet.

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  1. I hope you all are not having to live without power! My sis lost her electricity on Wednesday, and they have still not been able to get it back on. Her kids were out of school all week, of course, which is kind of like a spring break, except that they have been forced to be around each other all day every day. She says she's going stir crazy. :) haha. I hope ya'll are having an easier time of it!