Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year! New Year, new blog post, not so much new resolutions. 2008 was pretty exciting, what with that whole "getting married" thing. 2009 has 2 more weddings that I'm in (as a bridesmaid, not a bride) as well as hopefully (i.e. planning on) buying a house. We have been paying down debt to where by March we will have very little, if any, credit card debt and no car payments (aren't you proud, Dad?). That leaves Husband with student loans, but those won't go anywhere for awhile. We both have solid green marks on our credit histories, so while we probably won't be able to afford our "dream" house, we should get a good deal on a house we can grow into.
I've enjoyed being off for 2 weeks. I'm not DREADING going back like I was last year, but I wouldn't pass up a snow day, should we get one like last year! I've had several totally lazy days where I stayed in my jammies and laid on the couch. I've had productive days where I cleaned the whole apartment. I've had semi-productive days where I did a mixture of errands and lazy. I've even done some of my school-work!
We're also a VERY happy household. UK won their bowl game, the third bowl victory in a row. That's a first in UK history; not even when Bear Bryant coached UK did they achieve that! I think Lexington might explode if UK goes a fourth time...of nuclear proportions should they win. They might start setting sights on a BCS bowl. Utah won their bowl game as well, being the ONLY undefeated team...yet not in the title game...Hmmm...However, I have my thoughts on Bama's season to begin with, but I'll keep those to myself to avoid online fights with any fans that may be, but probably aren't, reading. Games that that, games like the USC/Penn St. (even though it was Big 10), add more fuel to the ever burning playoff fire. The system as it is will produce a good game, as long as Oklahoma shows up (they're notorious for NOT). Here's to a short spring and summer!

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