Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Computers and Kids

My classroom's computer hasn't been working for probably at least 2 months, probably closer to 3. The computer teacher looked at it when it first died and said it was probably the graphics card as several of the computer lab computers were doing the same thing. She said she had some on order and would let me know when they came in. I finally asked when we came back from Christmas Break and she said she'd just give me one of the computers from the pre-school. When the switch happened yesterday, my old computer suddenly started working. We have no idea why or how, but it does. Well, since I hadn't used the computer in so long, my password was no longer valid, so I had to get the church's tech guy (aka student pastor) to reset it today. When my kids came back from Specials, the computer was on and working and they freaked out! They had JUST come from Computer and you would have thought they had never seen a computer in their lives! They all stood around it looking at it. LITERALLY! I didn't let them get on it when it was functional, so I don't know why they went so crazy. They've decided that I'm going to let them play games on it now. Been there, done that last year and I think unless more than one student can play at a time, it's more trouble than it's worth. If we have that kind of time or if they need to do some research, I take them into the lab. My kids are crazy!

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