Saturday, March 28, 2009

We have officially been catapulted into the "home buyer" category! We received pre-approval Thursday and had also begun e-mail exchanges with a listing agent for a home we saw while browsing online. We went for a tour today. The house sounded like everything and more that we wanted and it didn't disappoint. 2,000+ sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, great school district, quiet street, non-cookie cutter home. We couldn't believe a 4 bedroom even popped up into our price range. Granted, unless the seller comes down a few thousand it may tip our scale on affordable, but it was definitely worth the look.
The pictures online made the living room look small (possibly too small for Husband's mammoth electronic standards) and the whole house seemed to be decorated in early 80s style. We were pleasantly surprised that the living room is very roomy once you disregard the oversized sectional. The kitchen is a little small, but more workable than our current situation. The cabinets were a higher quality than I thought, so that's good too. The bedrooms were big and the master was MAMMOTH! The master bath was a little small, but nothing terrible. There were a lot of updates with fixtures and whatnot, so we were happy about that. And in person, the decor, while still not totally my style, wasn't as 80s as I thought.
We have started our list of what we'd want to do. The interior doors felt cheap; I said they could easily be replaced, Husband said it would be too expensive. After a quick trip to, Husband has now said a phrase he should have said to begin with: "You're right, honey." We have a few other projects that have already been labeled as "way down the road," so my dad can breathe a sigh of relief. We have to save enough to get furnishings for all of the sqaure feet!
I am slightly concerned about the price, just because of our current pay. And because my car is currently in possession of Bill Collins' Ford being diagnosed. We'll see what a new day's clarity will bring, though!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A need to comment

I realize I'm tiny, so this will sound super strange, but OH MY GIANTS! Is Christina Ricci THAT super tiny or is her newly-minted fiance THAT ginormous?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


How I long for a puppy. We had a dog when I was growing up, but a) she was grown when they got her, b) They got her before me, so I definitely never saw puppy, and c) she was always "Melanie's dog." I will admit she was usually only "Melanie's dog" when in trouble, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I've always wanted my own dog. Obviously I couldn't have one in college. When Adam and I moved in, we thought about a dog. Until we saw our apartment's pet policy.
Why yes, we can have one. No, no weight restrictions. Just pay a multi-hundreds of dollars deposit and outrageous monthly pet rent. Their website now shows much more reasonable fees, but I maintain the previous statement.
Apartment living in general, plus the atrocity of it's pet policy led us to decide to get a dog when we own a house. Something with a yard so we can let it out. Well we're officially in the housing market this spring with plans to close early summer! Before I drive out the Humane Society, however, Adam brings me back to earth that moving will be stressful enough; do I really want to try to house train a puppy, too? Probably wouldn't be the best idea, no. Sigh. We're subscribing to the 28 Days (Sandra Bullock, not zombies) method of relationships: When you think you're ready, get a plant (check). If you keep the plant alive for a year, get a dog. If that's still alive after however long, then you're ready for the relationship. Well, I've kept 3 of 5 plants alive for a year, so I think we're ready!
So on the first anniversary of owning a house (summer off = time to housebreak), I will fulfill a dream. I've already picked out what breed I'd really like, though we will be getting one from the Humane Society, so we could end up with anything. I've picked a name, but I may let Adam throw some out there as well.
Supposedly you can't buy happiness. But happiness is a warm puppy. And you CAN buy a puppy...