Saturday, March 14, 2009


How I long for a puppy. We had a dog when I was growing up, but a) she was grown when they got her, b) They got her before me, so I definitely never saw puppy, and c) she was always "Melanie's dog." I will admit she was usually only "Melanie's dog" when in trouble, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I've always wanted my own dog. Obviously I couldn't have one in college. When Adam and I moved in, we thought about a dog. Until we saw our apartment's pet policy.
Why yes, we can have one. No, no weight restrictions. Just pay a multi-hundreds of dollars deposit and outrageous monthly pet rent. Their website now shows much more reasonable fees, but I maintain the previous statement.
Apartment living in general, plus the atrocity of it's pet policy led us to decide to get a dog when we own a house. Something with a yard so we can let it out. Well we're officially in the housing market this spring with plans to close early summer! Before I drive out the Humane Society, however, Adam brings me back to earth that moving will be stressful enough; do I really want to try to house train a puppy, too? Probably wouldn't be the best idea, no. Sigh. We're subscribing to the 28 Days (Sandra Bullock, not zombies) method of relationships: When you think you're ready, get a plant (check). If you keep the plant alive for a year, get a dog. If that's still alive after however long, then you're ready for the relationship. Well, I've kept 3 of 5 plants alive for a year, so I think we're ready!
So on the first anniversary of owning a house (summer off = time to housebreak), I will fulfill a dream. I've already picked out what breed I'd really like, though we will be getting one from the Humane Society, so we could end up with anything. I've picked a name, but I may let Adam throw some out there as well.
Supposedly you can't buy happiness. But happiness is a warm puppy. And you CAN buy a puppy...

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