Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clean, clean, clean

As tax season rapidly approaches, we decided to clean the office to get all of our receipts in order. We pay our bills bi-monthly and then stack, along with bank statements, and other "probably important papers" on top of our file cabinet to sort as we have time. We sort, file, shred, and say "do we need to keep this?". Well, our sorting project then turned into clean the office in general--which included going through our book collection and putting what we could bear to part with in our massive Goodwill pile. Naturally, that lead to cleaning the closet...which lead to cleaning the coat closet. Don't be surprised if we suddenly give away all of our possessions and go live somewhere remote without internet...maybe not quite.
Either way, we've decided that moving in the summer will NOT be at the top of our list of favorite things. Last year, we combined two households, so we had 2 of everything. This year, we've gotten married and generally accumulated "stuff." I hope that we can begin to really, truly look at what we have and be able to say "That can go." We don't have THAT much storage in our apartment (as our stemware collection knows), but we both have large collections of memorabilia at our parents' houses that are waiting for us to have a permanent residence. My parents, bless their hearts, moved all of my junk with them. During one visit I sorted through most of it, stored high school stuff and Phi Mu stuff. My parents have since redecorated "my" room and put the surviving stuff in containers ready to move when we have room.
Where did all of this junk come from? What did I think I'd do with it? I plan on making my Goodwill run sometime this week. As soon as I return, I'm sure I'll clean out some other rooms, completely re-stuffing the container. One thing is for sure: we'll need a big kitchen!

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