Monday, December 28, 2009

To Tide You Over

Expect a little longer of a post later since I've got a small project going on (involving 4 walls and a whole lot of paint!). We've been busy decorating the house (with an almost firmed up list of what to buy with our $8K tax refund....which is in addition to our usual $1K+ refund (intrest-free government loan is a post in and of itself; I won't get into that now), so I'll have lots of projects to finally get up here. However, tax time is still painfully far away. Luckily something great has happened in the past week (other than talking Husband into painting the bedroom). In case you've been living in a hole with no contact with the outside world, a) why in the world are you reading this, b) Christmas came and went! So begins the requisite Christmas post:This year was my parents' turn to have us for Christmas. We rotate the actual day between our two families, finding a weekend sometime in December to celebrate with the other family. We were very fortunate this rotation came around this year, with Christmas falling on a Friday. This allowed Husband the maximum time off without actually taking time off...which he wouldn't have gotten anyway since his boss already had the week off. Anyway, my grandmother and sister each flew in as well, so my parents had a house full! The cats were super excited. Even Oliver (the latest kitty addition) came around and was sociable...until someone got up and came towards him. Then he took off like a flash. We ate way too much, watched a lot of Christmas movies, napped, and wandered around Opryland Hotel (we actually tried going to the mall, but the lines to get IN to the PARKING LOT were ridiculous, so we went with Plan B). We're home for a few days and then it's off to N'awlins for the Sugar Bowl (Go Bearcats!).

Our Christmas tree

Our Christmas card display

My parents' tree
Husband: "It's like Christmas came and threw up in the floor."

It's Charlie's bath time

Mom, Grandma, and Sister in the aftermath

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