Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What are They Thinking?

While browsing around the internets this morning, I came across this little beauty of a story. Short version: 50 million Roman and roll-up shades are being recalled because kids are getting tangled in the cords. Now, I'm all about child safety and all that junk, but at some point should one teach their kids NOT TO PUT THINGS AROUND THEIR NECKS? Isn't that, like, taught in "Being a 2 year old 101?" And we wonder why children today can't do anything for themselves.

I also found this while browsing around for Christmas stuff last night. I know when I think Christmas, the first Bible story that comes to mind is Noah and the ark. Complete with animals wearing Santa hats and a elephant with a clown nose (?). And we wonder why children today are screwed up in general. Fun tidbit on the ark Christmas inflatable: a house on our way to church has it. We were coming home one time and this yard has about a zillion of the inflatables anyway, but a new one caught my eye. Someone took a trip to Lowe's. And not to get paint, a grill cover, and mat for the back door.

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