Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Christmas EVERRRRRRR!!!

We had a great first Christmas weekend. Nice visit with Husband's family. Mawmaw cooked a great dinner (as always). No real gift exchange as money is tight all around. Totally OK with us; obviously that's not what Christmas is about anyway. We enjoyed eating and watching UK basketball trounce Indiana and what is left of the college football season (tear :( ).
Tonight is the real story though. Husband gave me a Christmas present early. The greatest gift ever. He gave me permission to paint our bedroom!!!! Since I definitely won't be working in another week for 2 weeks, I've got some time. I've certainly got the will. Help me sell him on this:

It's actually the same color, just two different finishes (one flat, one semi-gloss). I think it will look very sophisticated. He's not sold on it. If you see him or talk to him, tell him it's a great idea and will look sharp, especially against these beauties:

These are an early Christmas present from my parents. They're actually from Wal-Mart's Canopy furniture line and I love them! Everyone on The Nest raves about the line, so I figured we'd try something small. I had to assemble them, but they're SOLID wood. You'd never believe they came from Wal-Mart. We're planning on finishing out our bedroom with things from that same line (and some new bedding from Bed, Bath, and Beyond).

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