Monday, October 27, 2008


It's rerun week on TV, so I had a little time to update. Our October has been crazy. There's 4 days of it left and we're booked through then! We went down to Franklin to visit my parents, who are Vanderbilt football season ticket holders. Dad bought the tickets specifically for the Auburn game. At the time, it was a good purchase. In retrospect, neither team has done much since except stink! We had a great time at Game Day and wandering the campus, though. The next weekend, my parents came to Lexington for their first visit to Keeneland. We picked the hottest weekend of the whole month, but had a great time nonetheless. We took them out for Pazzo's, too. Always a good choice.
The NEXT weekend was Adam's 10 year high school reunion (he's SO OLD) in Maysville. We went up there and showed off wedding pictures to his parents and grandparents and visited with his high school friends. It makes me glad I've still got a few years before I have to think about that! We did at least manage to make it through another trip there without getting interrigated about when they're getting grandkids. Thanks Ryan, for not having a girlfriend!
Those were the "busy weekends."
On our first "off" weekend, the young adults at church decided to go on one of Lexington's ghost tours of downtown this last weekend. Adam and I have gone on two in past years, so we had heard a lot of the stories. When we hit our alma mater, we threw in a few bonus stories to our group (such as the Phi Mu president of 1961). We hit the 'Ho afterward for milkshakes, even though I'm not quite sure why because it was FREEZING outside. We plan on going downtown with everyone again this weekend, for the re-enactment of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. I went in college, but Adam hasn't seen it. It's become a big deal, so I'm excited. We've also got some shopping plans for Saturday. I could quote "Old School," but I'll spare y'all :)
We wrap up our plans with another trip to Franklin for the Vandy/Florida game, and this time I'll proudly don the black and gold. And cheer against Florida, even though it goes against everything my mother taught me. This is football though. I think she'll understand!

P.S. I think most people who were worried have already been reassured, but just in case--yes, Adam's job is safe. We don't know where the buy-out will lead, but there will always be a need for his position. We just hope it continues to be needed in Lexington! The economy hasn't affected his job too much, other than extra hours on the phone reassuring people and trying to figure out what to tell the brokers to tell their clients and a few policy changes. Pray that it stays that way!

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