Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Facebook Status Messages

I "donated" my Facebook status message to, what I feel, a worthy cause. But that means I don't want to change it. So, here's all of my other potential status messages:
Angie Applegate is ready to NOT see political commercials (thank YOU Mitch McConnell AND Bruce Lunsford).
Angie Applegate saw her first Christmas commercial! And can't believe it took this long!
Angie Applegate got free Starbucks today, but passed on free Krispie Kreme.
Angie Applegate received a big bag of M&Ms because she's "been working so hard."
Angie Applegate got an "I voted" sticker!!!!!!
Angie Applegate successfully voted in Kentucky (with their crazy electronical voting machines).
Angie Applegate hopes she doesn't catch the stomach virus that is circulating the second grade class.
Angie Applegate is excited for Franklin, first Thanksgiving, and the Vandy game!!

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