Saturday, December 6, 2008

Defying Death and Disappointing D-2 Football

There's this stuff up here in Kentucky. When it gets real cold, it starts to fall from the sky. It's white. We don't really get that down in Alabama, especially not in December. Yeah, it snowed today.
I remember asking my admissions counselor at Transy how much it snowed, after seeing those fabulous "Emergency Snow Route" sign. She assured me that they may get a few more days, but it wouldn't be any different; the signs simply showed which roads were plowed first (THAT should have been a tip-off: plows?). My freshman year: the second time Transy EVER canceled classes because of a snow/ice storm. The other was for Indian attacks. Yeah, no different my big toe.
Anyway, no one really saw this HUGE mass of snow heading for us, so there was no pre-treating the road with a salt-water mix. No salt. Not even sand (what they sometimes use in AL). We did not know ANY of this today.
We woke up with big plans of depositing a check and getting gas, then finishing Christmas shopping by hitting up Lowes, the mall, and Target, before getting lunch and a Christmas tree. As we ate breakfast, it began to snow ("Hey, look. It's snowing!") By the time we were done, the sidewalk was covered (but we couldn't really tell), as was our parking lot. We ventured out anyway. The parking lot wasn't too bad, but there were definate slick spots. What surprised me was that Clearwater (our street) was just as covered, only it was packed down by cars instead of melted. As we made the turn onto Tates Creek, my car slid some, but nothing too bad. Now, let me interject, Tates Creek is one of the major "arteries" running through Lexington that feeds into downtown, thus is part of the snow route. It should have been one of the first cleared, but it was just as bad as the neighborhood road. We made it to the gas station and watched as wreck after wreck was narrowly avoided. We were finally able to cross to the bank and deposited my check. I then made the executive decision that the safest place for us was at home. There were 2 wrecks on our way to the bank and one on our way back. Everyone was creeping, yet still sliding. Southern or not, that's not safe! We stayed in and watched football (I'm glad Bama lost, but sad that Florida had to win) and napped. We did venture back out in the evening for dinner and to get our tree. The snow had mostly melted from the streets, so I felt much better. Plus Adam drove!
We have a fairly busy week this week, ending with a trip to Franklin for Christmas #1. We were sort of hoping for a reason to go to Florence that Saturday, but UNA had to go lose. It's probably for the better. I'm not sure either one of us REALLY wanted to sit in the car for another 4 hours, plus a football game on top of Christmas. We are sad they can't play for the title at their home stadium. Maybe next year.

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