Friday, December 26, 2008

Really Black Friday

I always thought Black Friday was THE shopping day of the year. Crazy low prices, mob crowds, general insanity. Since the economy is so bad, retailers are reportedly having a second Black Friday today with even lower prices just to get people in the stores and spending money. I won't be joining the crowds, mainly because my goal for today was to not get dressed. Sounds weird, I know, but I have 2 weeks off for Christmas Break and today is literally the first day I had a choice about getting dressed. We're planning on going shopping tomorrow anyway, so I'm staying in my pajamas today. This is all beside the point. I have, however, been searching high and low for a trench coat. I have pea coats, but wanted something longer for dressier occasions. I had thought something just rain proof, but found one at that was wool that had the exact style I wanted. It was $140 originally and when I found it Tuesday, it was marked down to $109. Adam and I have a ceiling of how much we spend without consulting each other and this just barely exceeded it anyway. I showed it to him and he liked it as well. Reports of sales were coming out, so we decided to wait until today. I was nervous, since I'm so small and my size is the first to run out (a separate rant for another time). I looked at it after Christmas festivities and it was down to $99.99! When I woke up today, the price held steady and my size was still available. Adam had already given the go ahead, so I put it in my shopping cart. I started to check out and on a whim, decided to Google Gap coupon codes. Sites will list all codes websites are accepting and can get some good deals. I found one for 25% off your order over $100, which, including tax and shipping, I was! My order total came to $86.90. That's just over half of the original price, plus it's a wool trench coat. Amazing! We're heading out tomorrow to spend some of our gift cards and money as we both need work clothes. I think we're going to stop and check out Christmas decoration sales. Stuff like sets of ornaments and lights, nothing major since I don't want to get a bunch of stuff that won't work when we buy a house.

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