Friday, September 25, 2009

Week (not -end) Update

I have so totally fallen down on the whole "Cleaning Challenge" the icon on the right suggests. I just haven't fallen into my rhythm of getting home/picking up and cleaning/not laying down for a nap. I've undertaken a huge project at school, which keeps me relatively late and by the time I trek across the county, I'm pretty worn out and ready to veg. This weekend is grocery weekend though, so I'm hoping while Husband is taking care of that, I can get things cleaned (I may even get CRAZY and decorate for Fall...not quite Halloween yet though) and be on track to start up Monday.
We've otherwise had a pretty low-key week. We ate most of our meals at home to make up for all the eating out we did last week...our checking account thanks us this week. Husband's potential promotion finally posted, so he got all his info in for that. Cross your fingers. He's got a ton of people putting in good words for him with solid examples of how he can fulfill what they're looking for. All my students were pretty good this week. The kindergartners crack me up though. They came in for Library today and since everything has gotten rearranged (my big project), they were pretty excited. One little girl even said, "It's so pretty!" There's no end to their funny quotes ("Do you have a son?" "No." "Well, do you have a hunny?") so I'll stop there. Fall Break is in sight!

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