Saturday, September 12, 2009

No, the Football Score or Why I'll Never Forget the Levays' Anniversary

I'm terrible at remembering anniversaries. Just ask my parents! I usually (sometimes) remember the day of, which is too late to get a card in the mail. At our closing, our realtor asked us when our anniversary was, which I quickly responded, "June 21!" Then he asked what year. "Uhhh...2000....8?" Husband won't let me live that one down! But the Levays' will always be special. Mostly because of the adventure Husband and I had while we were there.
First of all, we were flying on Sept. 11. I'll admit I was nervous, but I also decided if there is any time of year security will be beefed up, that's it.
Then, our flight from Charlotte (yeah, we flew Lexington to Charlotte to Seattle. And airlines wonder why they're hemorrhaging money) was late, which meant we missed the last ferry to Whidbey Island. Since we had no idea what accommodations would be near the ferry dock, and since we planned on being ON the island that night anyway, we had to spend the night in our rental mini-van. While certainly roomier than a car would have been, it was not much more comfortable. It wasn't the WORST night of sleep I've ever had, but Husband begs to differ. Needless to say, we were easily in line for the first ferry of the morning.
We finally make it to our motel and crash. We told the Levays beforehand our tight schedule, so we weren't expected to do anything until the afternoon anyway. We somehow woke up relatively early (at least for Pacific time) and after showering off travel and long night crud, we went next door for breakfast and then to get a few snacks from the grocery across the street. We settle in for a little Game Day and Husband looks up some scores.
We finally rallied enough to head over the hall to see how we can be useful. Long story short, R's parents wanted to adopt me, partly for being useful, but mostly because we talked college football.
On Saturday, just like this year, Auburn played Mississippi State. I remember that because when Husband told me the score, I said, "No, the football score...not soccer." Yeah, it was the football score: 3-2. War eagle? At time of post, Auburn has scored touchdowns twice (the offense, not the defense). WAR EAGLE! Later that day R and M got hitched!
Sunday's trip home was relatively uneventful, save more delays in Charlotte (that city hates us), but nothing that involved another night not in a bed.
So, a day early, happy first anniversary Levays!

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