Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Have Found Heaven

I was out and about today after a dentist appointment (this whole "no job" thing has its perks!) and found heaven. There's a newer shopping center not far from our house. I've been there a few times before, since they have a Hobby Lobby. That in and of itself constitutes heaven, but stay with me. It gets better! There is also a Kroger that puts our other one to SHAME...even the one we shopped at when we were in the apartment. It's amazing. Granted, I haven't tried shopping for our regular grocery list, only one thing. Still. A-mazing! But wait! It gets BETTER! I also stopped in the Furniture World Superstore. Nice stuff. The sales lady was friendly without being overly pushy (considering I was the only customer in the store). I saw a couple of possibilities as we begin shopping for the bedrooms and dining room. There is also an Oak Factory something or other across the way. For you Lexingtonians out there, that's the place with creepy kid commercials. You know. I didn't make it in, but it's THERE. BUT WAIT!! Not only is there an awesome Kroger, 2 furniture stores, AND Hobby Lobby, but there is also a Sherwin Williams. Why is that so great? Because we have COUPONS!!! Be still my heart. When I die, I hope I get to hang out there.
BTW, Hobby Lobby has 80% off Thanksgiving and 30-50% off Christmas stuff! What I REALLY had to show restraint on, though, was wall decor. Sigh.

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