Sunday, November 1, 2009

Someone Forgot to Wake Me

Long time, no write. Sorry about that. We've been a little on the busy side. Nothing spectacularly special. Husband got a big promotion at work (yay him!) but ends up staying a little longer every day. The flu has hit school and I've been subbing the past 2 weeks in the kindergarten class. Luckily, our principal shut us down Thursday and Friday since 3 of our 4 teachers were either sick or at home with sick kids. The students have managed to stay relatively healthy. I've been suffering from allergies + exhaustion. We had a very difficult student start when my subbing started, so staying a step ahead of him completely drains you anyway. I slept at least 10 hours Thursday night, took a 2.5 hour nap Friday, and then slept another 12 Friday night. Whew!
We had a fun Halloween weekend. Thursday night, we went up to Georgetown for a haunted house. It wasn't what I was expecting. The website made it sound like they'd tell ghost stories of the house, but they actually did interpretations of famous Halloween tales and movies. Very poor interpretations at that. We hoped no one was a theater major at Georgetown College. We had fun making fun of it and some girls that were in our group. Chicken zombie will forever be my hero!
Friday, we went downtown for a party one of Husband's co-workers hosted and met up with other friends for a recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. It's an annual Lexington tradition that grows every year. This year over 500 zombies participated. Anyone can be a zombie if you come to at least one rehearsal and staging practice. I ended up sick for the actual event, though. Bummer.
Saturday we stayed at home (except for a trip to Husband's work so he could finish a project and so I could get my car) and watched football and passed out candy to Trick or Treaters...all 3 of them. I didn't expect many, though. We're off the main road and our street is so new, there aren't street lights up yet. Hopefully next year we'll get some more.
Husband is on vacation this week (yay him!), but I *fingers crossed* should be back to normal this week. I'm not sure how it got to be November. September isn't even over!

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