Sunday, November 8, 2009

Accountability Beginnings

Not that I really think anyone actually keeps up with this thing, but I do and as my mother will tell you, I'm the only one that matters (love you, Mom)! I've been catching up on old posts at Molly's Happy House blog. I take inspiration from her as I try to do a better job cleaning our new, sparkling clean house than I did with our apartment. I made cleaning one of my New Year's goals (and generally failed miserably) and I'm hoping to salvage some of the year. This week is supposed to be very nice outside (so I'm going to try and exercise as well, goal #2!) as well as back to normal at work. Well, except for two days, but I don't have to teach; we're going to a conference here in town.
What the above rambling paragraph is getting at (I really wasn't kidding in the banner), one thing I really like that Molly does is list weekend goals. Every Friday, she lists the goals for the week and reports back on Monday as to how she did. I'm thinking of trying something like that, only maybe have fewer, general goals for the week. We'll see how it evolves. I didn't do so well with her cleaning challenge, though I may be able to pick up some tips. Again, these posts are more for me. If you happen to pick up useful info, yay!

Weekly Goals:
Monday (my half day at school): Check on supplies for Tuesday's Art project
jog/walk for 30 minutes
Sweep and Swiffer Wet master bathroom
Wash bath rugs
Clean bathroom sink bowls
Wipe bathroom counters (side note: get granite cleaner. For today, damp rag and wipe dry)
Dust living room
Meeting at church

Sweep/Swiffer Wet kitchen, laundry room, breakfast nook, and entry (it sounds like a lot more than it is)
Vacuum living room and bedroom
Jog/walk if weather permits (currently only day this week of forecasted rain)

Windex mirrors and other shiny surfaces

Wipe down tub and shower in MBath
Begin packing for Nashville!
Begin laundry if time allows

Leave for Nashville!!!! We're heading down for the UK/Vandy game. Should be a good weekend for football. Plus the game is in the morning, so we'll get home in time for Saturday afternoon naps!

There's my first set of goals. I think I'll steal Molly's idea and keep my general cleaning schedule on the sidebar. I came up with it in January and worked for me until snow days and life in general made me lazy. We'll try it again.

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