Monday, November 16, 2009

The Week in Review

As promised, here's an update on how I did with my goals...which was much worse than I hoped :( Here's the code: Green = done on time (yay me!), red = not done at all (boo), yellow = done, but on a different day.

Weekly Goals:
Monday (my half day at school): Check on supplies for Tuesday's Art project
jog/walk for 30 minutes
Sweep and Swiffer Wet master bathroom
Wash bath rugs
Clean bathroom sink bowls
Wipe bathroom counters (side note: get granite cleaner. For today, damp rag and wipe dry)
Dust living room
Meeting at church

Sweep/Swiffer Wet kitchen, laundry room, breakfast nook, and entry (it sounds like a lot more than it is)
Vacuum living room and bedroom
Jog/walk if weather permits (currently only day this week of forecasted rain)

Windex mirrors and other shiny surfaces

Wipe down tub and shower in MBath
Begin packing for Nashville!
Begin laundry if time allows

Leave for Nashville!!!!

I told y'all it was pretty abysmal. I have a good reason. Really, I do. OK, it's not GOOD, but I have an excuse. We're having a budget crisis at school and I found out Monday after I dismissed the half-day kindergarten that they can't afford me. I was still able to go to a conference Thursday and Friday, since it was already paid for (which is always a great learning experience. I want to go every year, even if that was it for me at that school!). So basically, on Monday I came home and worked out all my frustration (note all the green) until I had to leave for my church meeting (Obviously, with the after school meeting, I had less time than anticipated). Then, Tuesday and Wednesday I came home and wallowed, having myself a pretty nice little pity party.
I've got a plan of action though and am feeling pretty good about it. Especially since when I told Husband and my parents, they were very supportive rather than worrying.

Here's the plan for this week:
Monday: Finish laundry from the weekend

Tuesday: Dentist appointment
Call about a posted job (I sent a resume last week. This posting is 2 weeks old though)
Call to be put on Jessamine County's sub list

Wednesday: Windex

Thursday: Bathrooms

Friday: Laundry

Disclaimer: I'm fighting a cold this week, so expect to see lots of yellow next week!

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