Saturday, February 20, 2010

Decorating Kind of Day

Husband had to go to work today. On a Saturday. Boo. That left me home alone. And bored. That's a dangerous combination. Especially since it was above freezing. Luckily I had already planted the seed in Husband's head that I might make a trip to Lowe's since I found a gift card from Christmas in my purse. We will have guests stay with us in March and I thought they might like some blinds on their window. Call me crazy!
I went to Lowe's. And I purchased blinds. For essentially 50% off (the gift card was roughly half the cost). And I was happy. But still a little bored. Everyone on The Nest raves about a store called HomeGoods, which we have here in town but I've never taken the time to go to. It's on the other end of town and the only reason we go there is for IHOP. And you don't get between us and our IHOP. We're usually too stuffed after to shop, so I had never been in. Well, like I said, I had the majority of the day to kill and was sporting some major cabin fever, so I took the trek halfway around the circle and went in. Y'all, I have found heaven! It's like a TJMaxx, only all home stuff. And most of it is CUTE stuff. TJMaxx can often be hit or miss, but they had all kinds of things. I walked in and BAM! was hit in face with an idea for a plant shelf we have as you come in the house. They had rugs that did not cost a zillion dollars, nice looking chairs and side tables, art for pretty cheap (got a few ideas for the dining room), and of course standard kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom stuff. I'm in love. Puffy pink heart love. I then started making my way back around towards home, stopping and Bed, Bath, & Beyond to look for a sheer to put over the side "window" by the front door. It's not really a full window, so I was looking for a fairly specific size. I found something online, but they didn't have it in store. Boo. I did walk out with two baskets for the office (4 down, 3 to go!) and a second set of flannel sheets...sheets that were 50% off, I might add. They're chocolate brown and go perfectly with our new bedding. Winter sheets, done. Now to search for new summer sheets. Since I didn't get what I needed at BB&B, I decided to hit up Target, who also didn't have what I wanted. I magically walked out without anything else! Admire my self control ;). I then hit Wal-Mart, since I knew they at least had the rod I needed. I got that as well as a couple of pillows for the guest bed. Total damage done: about $60. Not bad for 2 steps closer to a "finished" guest room and office (the shelf is starting to come together. I can see the vision!) and 1 step closer to a "finished" bedroom.


  1. If I'd known you hadn't been to HomeGoods, I'd have kidnapped you one weekend. I LOVE that store! I had never heard of it until this year despite living here all my life! It's a well-kept secret that I'd love to visit with you next time you're jones'ing for a fix. :) Good day out on the shopping circuit!

  2. I had seen it at some point at Transy, but what college kid shops for home decor (except right before freshman year)?!? I'm always up for a trip!

  3. I LOVE HomeGoods! We have one right by the office, but I try not to go in too often. I need to get a whole new guest room set-up, so I might have to make a trip or two once I get a new bed in there.