Monday, February 8, 2010

Football Party Planning

I miss football already. :( Only slightly over 200 days until college kick-off!
Yesterday, we hosted our Young Adult group to watch the Super Bowl. We rushed home after church (after donating literally my last pennies to Souper Bowl of Caring, of course!) a
nd did the last minute straightening and arranging. I got out the serving dishes we'd need and started arranging the table. Then I started getting creative. We needed a centerpiece, football--duh. But since our bowls are all wide more than tall, we needed some height. I broke into my stash of scrapbook paper and made some...well, I don't really know what they are, but they're festive and fun, and most importantly CHEAP! I also used some leftovers from another scrapbook project to make some labels for the food. That's where I got REALLY creative! Our menu included Penalty Pretzels, Touchdown Wings, Cheesy "Pig" (Potato) Skins, Saints Salsa and Spinach dip, and Colts Coke and Sprite. Hahaha! Told y'all I was really excited!

Colts' Coke and Sprite

The table earlier in the afternoon. I realized people would have to reach over the football to get to the chips, salsa, and spinach dip. So the football got moved to the back (sitting on a small box covered with a napkin).

I never did get a picture of the potato skins. Guests arrived shortly after this picture (and they weren't completely done). Then they all mysteriously disappeared...which is a good sign I assume!

All in all, our first official party was a success. People had a great time watching the game (even if a few went home disappointed) and afterwards we got to show off the house!

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