Monday, March 1, 2010

Super Saturday Sales

I love alliteration! It's one of my favorite literary devices, next to onomatopoeia. Has anyone ever tried to spell "onomatopoeia?" Spell check was not at all helpful. Sorry, I'm back. So sales on Saturday. I know, today is Monday. But the weekend was crazy busy and slightly stressful, so I didn't get around to sharing with the world beyond Facebook about my deals. I got over $170 worth of clothes for $60-something. I KNOW!
Old Navy was having a "fun"damentals sale, so most of their basics (which is what I needed) were cheap. The best part was I didn't realize some of my stuff was on sale until after it was rung up! I almost ran back and picked up a skirt I put down because I was worried about my total. However, my birthday is this month...gentle hint. I have it on my Amazon wish list :) another subtle hint.
Anyway, I got tank for $5 in green, brown and white. jeans from their "Dreamer" line for $19. I need to hem them, but that's the story of my life :) This denim skirt. It's a little long, but I actually think it looks cuter, especially when I put some wedges with it. And this skirt, only in khaki. Another staple that makes me want Spring NOW!

Plus, I had a 15% off coupon, so my deals were even better!

Then we went over to the mall, although I was totally OK with not since I scored such a great deal at Old Navy. But we had a rough budget set (and nowhere near met) and I still was looking for a few other things. I found a few other tops at New York & Company, a sweater on clearance for $8 and an embellished shirt for $10. Plus, I got a coupon for $s off my next purchase. Yes, please and thank you.

Still no black flats yet, which are one thing I desperately need, but I have a coupon for DSW good for the month of March, so I might head out to Hamburg one day and see what I can see. They also have an Off-Broadway that I L-O-V-E. All in all, a happy Saturday evening!

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