Monday, January 11, 2010


Last week we were hit with an earth-stopping snow storm. Is it a requirement for weather forecasters to think anything beyond 72 and sunny is the end of the world? If you're in the Huntsville area, ask Dan. Y'all know what I mean.
Sorry. Anyway, apparently the end of the world includes a whole 4 inches of snow. I know. Wow! To my little Alabama heart, this is a whole lot. I didn't leave the house for a full 4 days. At least I admit I can't drive in snow!
This is what the end of the world will apparently look like.

Day 1: Out front.

Day 3: Out back

End of day 3. 4 inches!

I will say, the kids in the house behind us had a blast. I'm looking forward to one day playing with my kids on snow days, making snowmen, making snow angels, sledding, eating snow cream, and coming inside for some hot chocolate. The best part is, we're far enough north that it would be a more regular occurrence than when I was a kid. But all of that will wait a little longer. I'm selfish with the snow cream like that :)

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