Friday, October 28, 2011

Projects and Priorities

I don't have any new projects to share. There's a month left of my classes, one of which has been kicking my butt. Just when I think I've figured out the professor and what she's looking for when she grades, she changes it. I'd love to make it out of this semester with my 4.0 in tact, but I'm doubting that.

Anyway, I have a point to this post, I promise! The other day, Ana White posted about impending doom, aka snow. While my situation is much less dire that trying to put up a roof before snow falls, my garage isn't exactly heated. Building project time is getting limited! The problem is, I've a list of ideas a mile long, so I need some help prioritizing (get it? Projects and priorities! My titles don't lie).

Project 1) Master Closet reboot.

I love our closet. It's so massive. Husband and I have more than enough space to keep all hanging clothes, sweaters, shoes, purses (which my collection is admittedly sad...and Husband doesn't have a collection at all :)). I would, however, like to paint it. It's the color we picked when we moved in and I'm a little tired of it. I want to paint the closet and the "toilet room" of the bathroom the same color-a shade of green. In painting the closet, I'd LIKE to reconfigure things a tiny bit. With the installation of our entertainment box, We had to get one of the shelves cut in 2 pieces. I rehung the new excess on the same wall as the door. I'd like to move that to underneath the back section, creating 2 sections for pants and tops (Husband's side is already like that). I have 2 building projects: a shoe cubby like this and a laundry sorter like this.

Except for the 2 building projects, everything can be done in warmth. However, I'd like to change up how I do laundry and the laundry sorter plays a big part in that.

Project 2) Entryway reboot

This is really just straight up building projects. Eventually I want to paint, just not ready to tackle the huge area our entry opens up to :). We want a bench where the small table is. Something to sit and and put on shoes before we walk the dog. Something along these lines, except with a cushion and without the baskets. With under the bench open, we can keep our dog walking shoes, so that's out of the way. I also want to build a small table (OK, this one) to keep Mister's harness and leash, our iPods and arm bands, spare keys, blah blah blah.

We also want to buy an umbrella stand (I will walk that dog in ANYTHING...including apparent tornado warnings) to keep that mess off the floor/drywall).

Project 3) Sewing table

This is the last project for our office redo (well, it was never done to begin with, so "do"). I've got several projects planned, like a cover for Mister's crate that actually goes with our room (not that I don't LOVE his Auburn blanket), a cushion for said entry bench, and the ongoing battle with hemming my pants. Why I want to push this up in priority is because of Cori. She's also petite (under 5 feet people are the coolest. It's no lie) and she sews a lot of her own clothes, especially skirts. I would need a refresher course in measuring and altering patterns (I love you, Mom! or perhaps an actual class when my time allows), but I could knock out a large portion of the "needs" for my closet for much less than I would otherwise.

This is the part where people comment with their number choice (like on Love Connection--best part of being hom sick from school in the 90s!). I intend on all of these projects getting done at some point, but I figure I can really only feasibly build the parts for one before I can't stand the freezing garage...and no, we don't have a space heater :)

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