Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween by Pinterest

I think I mentioned earlier my new obsession, Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that acts as a virtual "pin board." It's a cross between bookmarking websites and tearing pictures out of magazines. Essentially, as you browse websites and what-not, if you see a pretty picture or something you want to replicate, you pin it. You can also browse the pictures others have pinned and re-pin their pictures. Always, the pin will take you back to the original source, which is helpful if you need a few reminders for steps in a project :). The thing I love most is the creative ideas I can't come up with on my own, but can easily do once I see it!

Last week, I finished TWO projects I saw on Pinterest.

Pinned Image

I started with the picture. After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, I created these:

Jack-o-lantern and a mummy that actually became more of a ghost

Vampire and Frankenstein

I think they turned out so cute! I've been seriously lacking in varying Halloween decor and these were so easy. The blog had printouts for faces, but I just painted free-hand with black acrylic paint, using the originals as guides.

Also, I made these candy corns:

Based on this pin (the picture wouldn't let me paste it). The only thing I did different was instead of hot gluing a button on top, I just worked the yarn into a spiral. I also dug a little into the bottom of the cone so the yellow yarn fit easily inside and would sit flat with the hot glue bump.

Both projects took me just a couple of hours...some of which was drying time :)

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