Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mirrors and Closets

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Just wanted to share a couple of small projects I've been working on. First, in the entry way:

The pictures were already there, but I rearranged them around the new mirror.

Speaking of the mirror, Target. $19.99. That's pretty fabulous. Especially since quatrefoils are pretty important to Phi Mu. I love the subtle nod it gives. I technically hung it "wrong" but that's the direction our quatrefoils go. Nothing a picture hanging kit couldn't fix. I also love how it looks slightly like a compass, pointing to the different directions in our lives. Whoa! Heavy stuff!

The entry way is on my list of projects for 2012. I want an umbrella stand (since Mister gets walked rain, sleet, snow, or shine) to corral the giant golf-sized umbrella I use. I also want to make this boot tray as a permanent home for my rain boots and the shoes Husband keeps by the front door. Finally, we want some kind of bench to put right in the entry way. Makes putting our shoes on much easier. I also would LIKE a skinny console table, to store things like iPod running equipment and Mister's walking paraphernalia) on the opposite wall, but I'm concerned that would make the space feel too narrow and closed off. I've been Pinning a few alternate ideas, so we'll see what ends up happening. Not only is style ever evolving, these small projects change as I go, too.

Speaking of project evolution, here's another one that changed from my original inspiration:

Ever since painting the master closet, I wanted to do something with the narrow space between the two shelves. I finally got myself in gear and cut, painted, and hung 5 shelves for sweater storage. Now everything in the closet hangs properly and everything else has a real home.

Since my original idea board, I've changed up all kinds of things :) I decided to forgo the shoe cubby in favor of a couple of basic shoe racks (like these). Since I don't really wear long dresses, I have plenty of space under that hanging storage. Plus, since relocating the hanging shelf from the door wall, I was worried that several of my other ideas for shoe storage would close that space off again. I have another great idea for that wall though. It's already required a trip to Hobby Lobby, so hopefully that will get done this coming week. That takes care of my second focus area of 2012 projects :)


  1. Next time you're in town, you can take a look at my closet and make suggestions.

  2. Love it! I also saw this mirror but haven't gone through with it yet. Although I doubt I'll do anything this artsy with it. :) I never thought I'd see this as a legitimate compliment, but you have a great closet! :)

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