Friday, November 25, 2011

Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover
1. Laundry Dresser by Ana White to replace our current hamper
2. Necklace hanger via Pinterest
3. Shelf brackets from Lowes. Add a piece of 1x10 and we'll take advantage of some wasted space and create shelves for sweaters
4. Minwax Stain in Red Mahogony (for said brackets/shelves)
5. Shoe Cubby by Ana White
6. DIY scarf organizer via Pinterest
7. Purse Organization via Pinterest

One paper separates me from the end of the semester, so of course I'm procrastinating as long as possible.

Just thought I'd give a quick update on my winter project plan. I had three options, but after hauling laundry and spending at least 30 minutes sorting last week, I immediately knew my priority. The Master Closet.

Of course, it will be painted a similar green to the background and that color will also go in the "toilet room" of our master bath.

The laundry sorter is my project priority. If I can get the shoe cubby in before it's too cold, great. If not, it'll wait til spring. This will all give me something to do in December when I don't have schoolwork hanging over my head :)

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