Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another 2 on Tuesday - Christmas Traditions

I had fun linking up to Andrea for her 2 on Tuesday. The topic this week is another fun one: What are your Christmas Traditions?

Since it's just the two of us (well, three counting the puppy dog), we haven't really built in many traditions. We alternate years spending Christmas with our families. This year it's my family's turn, so we'll travel down after Husband get off Friday.

Growing up, we always went to the Christmas Eve communion service at church and would go to an open house gathering at a close family friend (who also happens to be the church's secretary. Since my parents have moved, I'm not sure what the plan will be. Sometimes we do church, sometimes not. Either way there will be puppy chow and A Christmas Story. We open all gifts Christmas morning (none of that Christmas Eve crap. Not even one), beginning with stockings and moving on to the tree. As I've gotten older, all of that happens after a first cup of coffee, of course.

Christmas 2009? I think. Husband caffinating

Besides puppy chow, and a Christmas story, my favorite family tradition is waking up my sister. She's always been a late sleeper. When I was little, I'd wake her up by creeping in her room and getting REEEEEEEAL close to her face and just stare.

As I mentioned, my husband and I don't have too many traditions that are all our own. We continue my family's tradition of putting up a live tree (not a candle in the world compares to the smell of real fir).

The one tradition that is all ours is pretty special. Like most traditions, I'm not sure how or when it really started, but when we were still dating, my husband decided to take me out to a fancy dinner. Like break out the Spanx and keep your elbows off the table nice. We've been slowly eating our way around the nicer restaurants in town, having frequented Jonathan's at Gratz Park (less than impressed for the cost, but good), Nagasaki Inn (hibachi grill), Malone's (also our engagement dinner locale), and most recently Dudley's. This year we're planning on trying Merrick Inn. The goal is to go somewhere a) we've never been and b) we wouldn't normally go if we were eating out.

The Hubs and I before Nagasaki Christmas dinner

It's tough scheduling dinner with all of the other commitments we have during the season, but we also usually make it a priority.

Our other tradition hasn't always been an annual event. There's a house in town known as "the Christmas House." Every town has one, I'm sure. In fact, ask anyone in town, you'll probably get addresses of multiple "Christmas houses." Well, apparently not everyone knows about this one:

Me at Christmas House

They do Christmas up HUGE. We went twice, then the owner had medical problems and wasn't able to do as much the third. Then the owner moved, but still did his display at a local country club. Nice, but eh. Not the same. Well then Husband showed me this article from the paper. It's back and I have high expectations. We'll probably go out riding one evening, with Mister and check it all out.


  1. Nice! Sometimes I forget how long you've been married! Another senior moment, hmph. Though I have yet to try it out myself, I have heard rave reviews of Merrick Inn (especially given my proximity to it, haha). Enjoy yourselves! And stop by for a visit if you want! Hope to see you (and husband and puppy, of course) this Christmas! :)

  2. We've been together a long time! While at Thanksgiving at his grandmothers, she had our wedding picture in a frame with the date written on it--June 21....1998!! Pretty sure my parents would have murdered me if I got married as a rising high school freshman!
    You and Boyfriend should come over one evening! We can hang Christmas movies or something!