Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Decor Rant

I enjoy decorating my home. I loved watching Trading Spaces (the earlier seasons of course, before the designers lost all sensibilities and became about the gimmicks). When our sports are on off seasons, I'm usually watching whatever happens to be on HGTV. I hang around the decorating board on The Nest, rarely posting, just learning. I've tried my hand at building pieces from Ana White's website. I curse my paint roller, but much as I've heard childbirth described, I usually forget about the bad stuff and have my next project planned. I like to think of myself as fairly up on major home trends. I don't really follow trends, opting more for the "what I like, trends be darned" trend. However, there are several trends I absolutely do not understand.

1) Numbered...things

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

I've also seen numbered stools floating around, but mostly the dressers and bins. Why? I can count, therefore do not need my drawers numbered. How many drawers do you have that you need them numbered? The numbered bins...those would drive my CDO (OCD, but in alphabetical order the way it should be) CRAZY. Even if they are for kids, I'd much rather have a picture of what goes in what or other actual label, instead of numbers.

2) Upcycled things that don't necessarily need to be upcycled (or upcyclable)

(Found on Pinterest)

I also recently saw a picture of half a table that read something along the lines of "Is your table missing a leg? Saw it in half and attach it to the wall as an accent table." Wait...what? What on EARTH are you doing to your furniture that your table is MISSING a leg? And with the above image, what happened to your drawers? What happened to those? The flip side is using the drawers as under-bed storage. So I guess you can still store stuff in your dresser AND under the bed? If you're going to have space taken up by a dresser, I want drawers. If the drawers are unsalvageable, I don't think it belongs in my home. Call me snobby, but "shabby chic" isn't really my style.
Please don't get me wrong. I love me some antiques (see room, Guest). But if antiques aren't in good, working condition, they aren't worth it to me.

3) Open kitchen shelving

Image found here

I love floating shelves. I don't think they have a functional place in the kitchen. Think about the grease and grossness that flies around a kitchen. Do you really want that on your dishes (especially ones not often used)? Or between them? I like my clutter to be hidden. Preferably behind a door. That's where Husband and I differ in our kitchen style. I DO like glass doors. I wouldn't want all my doors to be glass, obviously because that may as well be open shelving. But I love our china cabinet since it has glass doors and our wonderful wedding china can be displayed.

This ends my home decor rant. What do y'all think? Am I way off-base? Can someone explain the appeal of numbering EVERYTHING? What drives you crazy?

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