Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small Guest Bath Project

When I purchased the canvas for my Grinch quote project, the sale was on two-packs. I'm no math major, but 2-1=1, meaning I needed another project for my extra 11x14" canvas. Luckily our guest bathroom needed a project (well, I think it needs a couple of projects, but that's neither here nor there.)
Our guest bathroom is probably like many bathrooms--neglected in decor. I mean, what is there to do besides hang a shower curtain and keep the TP stocked? If you're on Pinterest, you know there's PLENTY you can decorate in a bathroom. I'm starting small though.

My inspiration came from HERE. Actually, that's not totally true. My ORIGINAL inspiration came from 4 Men 1 Lady (back when it was only 3 men). She had a great frame in her kids' bathroom saying "Always Wash Your Hands" in the style of the Keep Calm poster (without actually doing the keep calm thing because, let's be honest, I'm tired of keeping calm and whatever-ing). Since this bathroom will likely house at least one little in its future, I wanted something that could transition from current need (decor) to future needs (not-so-subtle reminders for kiddos).

I typed my words into Pages and changed each phrase into a different font. The spacing got a little tricky, since my measurements were different from a standard piece of paper. I got it right after only a little trial and error (one minor reprint). Using the same method as my Grinch "painting," I stick some carbon paper between the canvas and my print out and carefulyl traced the letters. Then I went to town painting.

Painting that thing was probably the hardest part, since the fonts are detailed and my brush was not. As the art teacher at one of the schools I tutor in said, "The best part about art is that you can clean it up and start again." A little trial and error and I found a good method.

Not perfect, but I like it. And I think those who use the guest bathroom will as well.

My personal favorite is the "use soap" after "wash your hands." Many students have been sent back to the bathroom after I asked if they washed . They said yes, but when I asked if they used soap, they said no.

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  1. I love it! Great job! You'll have to help me decorate if I ever own a house... :)