Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Alive

I'm fine. We've just been a little busy here at Casa de Applegate. Last time I showed off our newly almost-finished bedroom (all we need are curtains...perhaps a mirror). I've since painted the dining room RED. And I mean R.E.D. I'm not posting pictures yet because it's still sitting empty. OK. That's a lie. Currently it's housing an old TV/stand and a laundry drying rack. We did go shopping last weekend and FINALLY found some furniture we both agreed on. It's scheduled to be delivered Friday and I've got a couple of ideas for decorating after, but I'm holding off until I can truly call it a dining room.
But don't worry! I've got plenty of pictures to show off. Not only have I painted the dining room RED, but I've also painted our guest room grey. It's pretty light, with just a hint of blue. I also have inherited a little early a dresser that belonged to (we think) my great-great-great grandmother. She would have it loaded into the back of a wagon and take it to visit her children for months at a time. Easier than packing a suitcase, I guess! Anyway, that wood really warmed the room, in addition to the wooden quilt stand (the quilt is also a family heirloom. This room is now affectionately called the "antique room"). While we were out shopping last weekend, we also purchased another small addition...a flat screen TV. Remember how I mentioned an old one resides in the dining room? Well that's because with the addition of a dresser...this one in particular, the layout wasn't really conducive to that TV. Enter flat screen. Finally, the other addition, or additionS rather, are from teaser pictures from the bedroom update. My dad graciously built these nightstands, designed by Ana at Knock-off Wood.
OK, quick tangent. Y'all, this blog is amazing! There are plans to build just about any piece of furniture, mostly for way less than you could buy. I need to make the investment in a few basic tools (namely a miter saw. And yes, I know what that means!) and I'll be a home decorating maven! Or at least have rooms full of furniture. Either way.
Back to the point, since my dad has tools and a good wood-working knowledge, he built alone and I supervised the other (he even let me use the nailer). I brought them home and stained and polyurethaned them. Now they're perfect and I can't wait to build a headboard to go with it (especially since I have stain left over). OK, enough talking. Time for the good stuff:

Antiques dresser and quilt contrasting with a mounted flat screen (Husband mounted it himself. It hasn't fallen. He's a stud!)


Bed. Still a few things left to do: Headboard, matching lamps, duvet for the cover, and some kind of curtain.

Close up of one of the nightstands

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