Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Hate Rain

I don't really HATE rain. I see it's purpose in saving me the worry about watering the yard/plants. When I'm able to nap, it's great. This summer, Lexington saw more than it's fair share of rain. Highly unusual, but hey, I only worked part time. More naps for me!
What I hate is that even though we received SO much rain, Lexington residents still have NO IDEA how to drive in in. OK, Lexington residents don't have much of an idea of how to drive period (we're too close to Ohio and Indiana...they seep onto our streets). I tutor on Thursday afternoons. My schedule at school is such that I'm able to hop out 10 minutes earlier than usual to allow enough time to from Winchester and across Lexington. It's tight, but I usually make it with 10 minutes or so to spare. Except when it rains and people go crazy.
First, people decided to drive 35 down Man O'War. For those unfamiliar with Lexington, MOW is a major road around town. The speed limit is 45, but you WILL be run over if you drive less than 50. I realize drivers should slow down in inclement weather, but not only were they going 35, but if they hit 36 +, they suddenly broke to 30, then sped back up to 35. Way to kill your gas mileage and mine. Naturally, we hit EVERY light driving such speeds as well.
Then, I almost rear-ended someone because a pick-up decided to pull out in front of another car in the other lane. Said pick-up I assume hydroplaned so that he was perpendicular to traffic. How the car he cut off didn't hit him, I'll never know. Anyway, both lanes obviously suddenly stopped since no one had any idea what was going on. Doofus.
Needless to say, I got stopped by a light and called the tutor place that I'd be a few minutes late since everyone has lost their senses. No biggie. I just hate being late like that. However, I survived (as did other drivers, though I wasn't above getting out of my car and hitting people). More reasons I'm glad I'm a teacher and don't have to go to work when it snows. I'm not going NEAR that one.

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