Sunday, July 26, 2009

International and Domestic

I just realized that by the end of the week, this blog design will be getting a new design. We're getting a new couch! Well, we're getting all new furniture before too long, but we're starting with the couch.
These past few weeks have been incredibly busy. I had the afternoon shift at my summer daycare job. I like the afternoons because they go by so fast with nap and kids going home pretty quickly, but I have to stay until 6, which puts me home right in time to EAT dinner (I'm usually the cook). We did plan for that though and Husband picked up some slack. Ain't he grand?
Saturday we left for Maysville to celebrate Mother-in-Law's birthday. We rode out to Tollesboro where Mawmaw cooked a big dinner (i.e. lunch) and napped and chatted for the afternoon before heading over to Augusta for dinner dinner. Three bustling metropolitan areas in one day; look out! I will say that those places are never boring, at least for a visit.
Sunday morning we took off for our annual trip to Canada. Lots of books were read and lots of laziness was enjoyed. I realize the IDEA of doing nothing for a week sounds like a great idea, but it truly is a perfected art form. Most people would get bored after the first day. I actually considered live blogging (ignoring the whole no internet thing...that's what Pages is for!) but decided you just have to be here to get it. 1:00 Finished book 1:05 Threw more peanuts towards the squirrel 1:06 Laughed at said squirrel for not being able to find said peanuts 1:10 Moved chair into shade 1:15 Actually started next book 1:17 Put down more sunflower seeds for the chipmunk. You get the idea.
Monday was completely lazy. I finished a book I had been working on for some time and also read an entire second (it was Nicholas Sparks, so pretty easy read). Tuesday I had a phone interview (for a job I ultimately didn't get. Bummer since I've fallen head over heels in love with the school), but managed to finish the first quarter of another book. Wednesday was supposed to be yucky, so we planned to go into town. We had a Tim Horton's breakfast, went to the public library to check e-mail and play online, and hit the mall. They were having some AMAZING sales (% off similar to going out of business without all of the "GOING OUT OF BUSINESS" signs). I, of course, came away empty handed. Thursday was sunny with a small rain shower. The rain hit in the middle of the afternoon; perfect timing for a nap! That experience was only enhanced by the fact that rain on the roof in the cabin is already heavenly and we have recently put on a metal roof. Pure bliss. We planned to hit the Carver anyway and luckily the rain cleared while we ate ice cream and walked around. I did end up with a $30 hoodie (and that price was in Canadian dollars, so really it was, like, $7 ;)). We went to The Voyager for dinner and enjoyed the evening on the deck. All in all a pretty great trip.

Husband achieving "nothingness"

We did this bit of excitement Thursday: A bald eagle landed in a tree off the deck. Ironic that the first time we see this American symbol is in Canada, but maybe this is an omen that Auburn's football season won't be as bad as I think it will. I can dream, right?

Friday is where the real fun starts, though. We woke up early early since we wanted to get home in time to get Moe's for dinner. We stopped at Tim Hortons (of course) and crossed the bridge. We stop at customs and the agent asks where we were from. I say, "Kentucky" and he gets on the phone and says, "We've got an out of area." He hands us back our passports and asks us to pull into the garage. I have been going to Canada for 25 years and we've NEVER been pulled over coming back in...especially after ONE question!!! We decided they were just really bored since no one was in line. Or maybe we were the "lucky" 500th crosser for the day. Either way I am none too thrilled with the border patrol now. With everyone hemming and hawing over illegal immigrants, how about we actually let legal citzens IN? Whatever. We're probably now flagged on our passports and will always get pulled over or stopped at the airport. The drive back was otherwise uneventful.
Since coming home, we've been busy getting "back to normal." Husband's car had to get towed by AAA (they actually found us this time!) because his car wouldn't start before we left Saturday. Turned out the fuel pump was broken and something else. It all = very expensive. We still managed to get groceries and do laundry before confirming everything before our home inspection, which was this morning. That went very well. He said it's one of the best he's seen in 20+ years of inspection, many of which were new constructions. Let that be a lesson: Just because it's new doesn't mean it's good. It is ALWAYS worth the price of a home inspection. Ok. That's a small shout-out to my dad, but it's true. We have a list of mostly cosmetic things to address with our walk-through scheduled Tuesday morning and the one big issue the inspector found (which we planned to address anyway) and we are still on schedule to close FRIDAY!!!! Get excited!

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