Friday, July 10, 2009

Hard to Believe

Summer is over half over. I have a week of work, a week of Canada (yay!), roughly a week of work which is also our walk-through and closing date (double yay!), and a potential trip to Florida for curriculum training.
Week of work: Luckily, I'm scheduled for the afternoon shift, which means my first hour at least is nap time! The afternoon goes by so fast since kids start leaving. I'm just grateful to not have the 3 and 4 year old class all day like I thought. Even the director says they're the hardest class she's seen in her 20+ years of pre-school.
Canada: Annual trip. Preceded by a short trip to Maysville to celebrate Mother-In-Law's birthday.
Work/House: I'll potentially have the 5 year olds/school age (not totally official though). They're generally a good group. Almost all girls, so there's lots of drama, but nothing horribly bad. I'll have to take 2 days for the house stuff--inspection and a walk-through with our builder. The inspection is just to ahve an unbiases set of eyes on it to make sure everything is as it's supposed to be. The walk-through is so we can point out what we want fixed (potentially results of the inspection and other stuff we've found). All to be done by that Friday so we can have one more walk-through to ensure everything IS fixed and then CLOSE!!!! Husband will have to tie me down to keep me out of Lowes/Home Depot/Target/Pier 1/Homegoods/etc.
I intentionally left August open for school stuff, whether they be (at that stage God forbid) interviews or setting up my room, as well as getting settled in the new house. I will in all likelihood though be a second kindergarten teacher at school. One of the curriculums we use, most of the teachers are not fans of, but the incoming parents love. There's a training for the curriculum in Florida that week of August, so my principal would like the other teacher and me to attend. Maybe we'll learn hidden secrets. Or maybe we'll just learn it is as bad as we think and we'll just have to keep doing what we're doing. Technically, that trip isn't definite as they haven't officially split the classes, so be in prayer that I will need to go!

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