Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has Sprung

This winter was awful. AW-ful. Terrible. Cold, snowy, gray, and did I mention cold? And snowy. As in the schools missed a record 13 days of school, with some districts out even more. Let's just say that makes this spring even sweeter. The past couple of days have been warm and sunny. And I have been taking FULL advantage to finally complete a couple of projects I've been dreaming of since know, snow days #6ish (of course, my office doesn't follow the schools and never have snow days. This year, we took one. For the first time since I've started working there. THAT'S how cold/snowy it's been).

Our front yard has never been my super favorite. I like particular aspects at different times of year. We have a cherry blossom bush that is amazing in the spring. Not so much once the blooms turn to leaves and the bugs start munching. The fire bush is beautiful in the fall, until a storm comes through and knocks all the red leaves off. Plus, in the spring and summer it's just one more green thing.

The green is probably my #1 issue. I love me some green, but that's pretty much all we have. So I spent the winter dreaming how to change it. Then I made lists. Then I dreamed a little more. Then I decided I wanted to visualize how it would all look. Then I figured I should probably let my husband in on my plans. Sometimes I forget he has opinions...and good/helpful ones!

Here's our front porch before:

The plan:

And we'll call this "In Progress":

What we've done: Ripped up three bushes and planted two purple azaleas. I have purchased the day lilies, but still need to plant them. I also bought a butterfly bush instead of milkweed, which also needs to be planted. Instead of zinnias, I got...something that's dark red, which got planted in my bobble-head Mister planter. Oh, and we had a storm door installed. Mister's a little terrified of it.

I'm waiting on the pink jasmine to go on a trellis (which is to be purchased). And of course, there's the back yard, but that's a WHOLE other issue.

I also have some daffodils and tulip bulbs scattered around and those will need to get put somewhere, probably a larger planter somewhere.

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  1. Looks like a good plan. Wait until fall to plant the bulbs.