Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost Done

This week has been pretty easy work wise. Half of our kids go to private schools, so they're already out for the summer and can be seen at times other than "after school." That means I've actually gotten a lot done for the office! I've still got some loose ends to tie up before I consider it "basically done." Let's face it, there's always something to do in every room, so it will never be DONE done.
Now for the eye Excuse the quality. I can't even keep up with a blog, much less remember to keep my camera batteries charged, so you're getting cell phone pictures.
If you've missed what the heck is going on (or want to see some fun before pictures), click here and then here and you'll be caught up.
Upon walking into our office/third bedroom, you'll see this on your right (no, your other right)

And you'll see this bookcase/drawer combo

Remember, both drawers were based on Ana White's Braden series (just the drawer, not the entry hutch). I made some modifications so I had more room inside the drawers. I've got a lot of junk, y'all.
Here's the other one

Continuing on around the room, we come to this desk

Same thing only open

After the luck we had with our bedroom furniture, we ordered this desk from Wal-Mart's Canopy line. This desk is pretty awesome. It's exactly what we were looking for (a more compact desk) that assembled easily and is pretty solid. Now I unfortunately don't have an excuse for not doing my school work :( Only the room is :)

Still to do is to get some brackets and shelves for my crafty stuff. I also have plans to build Ana White's sewing table, but I've got a few other projects that are higher on the list. The stain is drying on a wood box I built using scraps (and oh man, is it built from scraps). Then my mission is to get the garage in a state that I love (oh I've got plans). That will be at least through the summer. Then it's fall, which means football and everything else on the weekends. Then it's winter and it'll be too cold. So the table may or may not get built within this year. But I'm ok with that and hope you will be, too. :)

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