Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Me Your Life - Bathrooms

Today's installment of Kelly's Show Me Your Life is bathrooms. We have 2 full baths. Our first apartment together had 2 baths and that came in handy more than once (sometimes you just can't wait), so one requirement when we were shopping was at least 1.5 baths.

This is our guest bath. It's nothing super exciting, tub/shower combo, toilet, and single vanity. There is a small linen closet on the right side, hiding behind the door, which is pretty handy. This bathroom is outfitted with all the bathroom stuff we got for our wedding (basically because it's the bathroom that required a shower curtain and our wedding set was newer). Unfortunately, that meant the soft, fluffy towels went in there as well. We're slowly working on getting nice ones in the master though!

Speaking of the master, here it is!

Double vanity, something our apartment didn't have and I now can't live without!

Garden tub and stand-alone shower (to the right, just outside of the picture).

The neatest part about the master is that the toilet has its own little room. I can do my business in peace while Husband brushes his teeth or whatever. There is also a linen closet directly across from the toilet.

I have just one question. Can anyone give me a logical reason for the towel bar over the toilet? Clearly our sink is in the other section and I'm certainly not wiping my hands on a towel BEFORE they get washed (just ew). Why is it there? Whenever we get around to painting, it will come down and be donated to Habitat Restore or Goodwill or someplace unless I get one logical reason as to why I should keep it there.


  1. I love that window over the garden tub. I really miss having something like that!!!

  2. Take down the towel rack now and put a cabinet for "girl stuff" over the commode, plus extra TP, etc. THAT makes that area very handy.
    I found you on Kelly's Korner. Enjoy your home! :)

    Betty in Okla/but moving to TN soon to live near grandkids :)