Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Title. Not Creative Today

Just a quick update, since not a whole lot is going on with us. I haven't started substituting yet. The economy has hit FCPS hard, apparently, and NO ONE can find a job. That makes me feel better about my situation at least. Anyway, there are so many substitute applications, I haven't been entered into the system. Hopefully sometime this week though. In the meantime, tutoring will be a regular gig. I had 2 sessions last week and was asked if I'd be able to pick up an extra one on that day and possibly one or two more on another day. At $15 each, heck yeah! Specials at CCCS are fun, too. The kids crack me up since they will all call out my name and wave whenever they see me not in the classroom, like they haven't seen me for a year or something. So funny!
Husband is keep busy. He should be interviewing for a promotion position at work sometime in the next month. Otherwise he's putting off buying that lawn mower ;) Not that I blame him though. I mowed grass once in high school as part of a service project. I'm good.
In other news, non-feed readers (if there are any) may notice a new badge. I'm pretty excited I figured out how to add that thing period! Way easier than I thought, by the way. Not worth the Google search. Anyway, it comes from My Happy House, a blog I recently started reading. She's on Week 2 of a 10-week cleaning challenge. Since that was part of my New Years non-Resolution, I figured a mid-year boost was in order. Obviously I'm starting a little late, but I think I can catch up. I think she's basing most of her steps on FlyLady. I've checked that out as well, but she just didn't do it for me. Here's to keeping this house cleaner than our apartment was!

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