Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Decorating the house already

I've been on a decorating kick lately. With the help of Polyvore.com, I'm basically painting all of the rooms, even though we had our pick of a standard color throughout the house. Oh well! Our first planned purchase will be the sofa in the living room. Everything else will be in spurts, the first one happening when we get our $8000 tax credit. Basically, we'll finish out the living room and then work on other rooms until the money's gone (or we think of a better way of using it). Here are links to my design boards:
Living Room
Living Room by aapplegate on Polyvore.com I want to do one accent wall in the dark brown and everything else be the tan. The couch and maybe ceiling fan are the only definites though.

Dining RoomDining room
Kitchen by aapplegate on Polyvore.com
The rug didn't come through very well, but it pulls in the green walls and our everyday dishes.
Master BedroomThe color scheme is really the only thing Husband wants. I just went with what we said "hmm, maybe" at the furniture store and bedding that fit the colors. Plus, it will flow well from the living room.
OfficeOffice. It's intentionally unfurnished, as most of that will come from what we already have. At least one of our desks and probably my childhood bookshelves, which is where the baskets will be (pending measurement approval) to hold my crafty stuff.
Guest Bath
Guest Bath by aapplegate on Polyvore.com Hall Bathroom. I figured we'd use the basically new shower curtain and based everything else off that. The red towels won't actually be a new purchase.
guest room
guest room by aapplegate on Polyvore.com
I'm probably most proud of what I've come up with for the guest room. We saw several gray rooms while house shopping and look so classy when done correctly. Hopefully the white linens and wood furniture will warm it up. Our bookshelf will also likely be in this room.

The Master Bathroom is really the only room I plan on keeping the same color, mostly because I don't have any better ideas. I have an idea board for that as well, but in working on this, I accidentally deleted it and don't feel like going back to get it. It's nothing special, just new accessories and a different color towel.

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