Monday, September 22, 2008

Politics (but not religion)

I have refrained thus far from vocalizing my political picks. Part of that is the fact that this link is posted on Facebook. One of my co-workers is friends with me on Facebook. Blogs and work don't mix. However, I don't intend to be talking specifically about any person. I also feel like the teachers are slightly more liberal than I give them credit for. I still take the cake, but they seem open to some of the "liberal" tendencies. Therefore, my official endorsement is for Obama/Biden. Yes, I realize Obama has no "experience" in leadership. Neither does McCain. He never served as anything more than a senator, same as Obama. Palin doesn't have leadership experience either. She was mayor for the second largest city in Alaska...with 9,000 residents. My hometown is bigger than that. And it's tiny. She's the governor of many residents? As governor, her short-comings are too long for me to list (otherwise I'd be here until my bedtime tomorrow).
Essentially, this election boils down to 2 pairs of candidates with no experience. Both promise change, one is in the position to bring it. One has a real plan to help middle-class America. The other promises 4 more years of the status quo. I hate status quo. I think Nashville residents are a little tired of status quo. Vote change, vote Obama.

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